Make the most of your balcony – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Count on lawn it’s wonderful. To have a big terrace a dream. However, the reality is that not everyone can be lucky enough to live in houses with these corners. Even so, if you have a small balconyyou may feel lucky; you don’t know how many things you can do to make the most of it.

Make the most of your balcony

Keep in mind that not everyone is lucky enough to have one. In today’s article we give you some ideas that will do you good for decorate your little balcony for springWhat do you think of the idea?

Round tables

Round tables take up less space than square ones. They are therefore an excellent solution to place on our small balcony. In addition, we will find an endless number of different models, from tables of forge to wooden tables. If we have enough space, we can replace the typical chairs by wooden benches. We’ll have more room to sit and they really look beautiful.

Round table on the balcony

Round table for the balcony

Plants to decorate

Plants are necessary, yes or yes. We cannot deny that the most beautiful balconies are those full of plants. Flowering plants are more delicate, but we can opt for ferns or aromatic plants. Green is a good color for decorate a balconyand what better way to do it than with a lively and intense green. If we want plants that remain practically alone, we can opt for cactus, which are also beautiful. Although we cannot deny that the green leaves are much more spectacular. We must not forget that a good alternative for small spaces are the vertical gardens.

Balcony with plants

Balcony with plants

Wooden floors

Normally the floors of the balconies are the same as those of the interior of the house. This in the best of cases, in the worst of cases we find rather ugly floors, so why not place a wooden platform on top? The wood in balconies gives warmth, but in addition, in exteriors, it shines almost more than in the interior of the housings. Don’t think about it, with a little maintenance a year you’ll be able to enjoy a spectacular floor on your balcony. In addition, the wood with the forge is a perfect combination, and if we already place some green plant, we will have a very beautiful set full of balance.

Wood for a small balcony

Wooden balcony floor

Small elements for small balconies

Having a tiny balcony does not mean that we cannot take advantage of every inch of its surface. Yes, maybe you can’t have a big table or a barbecue, but the truth is that today, in the market, we find an endless number of solutions tailored to any space. There are small barbecues, or portable grillswho can fix us a dinner with friends. In addition, there are a lot of models of small, auxiliary tables, of those that serve to place a refreshment while we enjoy a good book.

Small mobile grill

Balcony Details

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