Colourful gardens and terraces – Interior and exterior decoration

Betting on the maximum color for decorate gardens and terraces is a great idea, if what you are looking for is to fill with personality and character that area of your home. It is clear that neutral and simple tones bring harmony, but the use of color in vivid tones will make your terrace or garden as cheerful and fun as possible.

Colourful gardens and terraces

There are many options available to create colourful outdoor spaces and super functional. The most important thing is to always have the participation of the flowers and seasonal plants. With them you will make a simple urban terrace an ideal place to spend time. However, it rules out committing major excesses when it comes to decorate.

If you want to decorate a garden, you can choose to carry out different tricks of outdoor decoration. First of all, keep in mind that the lawn and the green spaces are ideal and guarantee harmony in the environment. From this premise you can begin to introduce color elements.

Colorful garden

Colorful garden

The vertical gardens are absolutely fashionable. Obviously, these types of decorative pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If you place a vertical garden outdoors you must take into account that you will need plants for terraces very green, which can withstand perfectly the climatic conditions of your place of residence. Besides, if you have a little idea, you can make your own vertical gardenor hire a landscaper, who will surely do wonders.

Vertical garden on terrace

Another ideal idea for decorate terraces and gardens is to seek maximum inspiration in the Andalusian style patios. In these environments the most important thing is the absolute color. That is to say, the tradition is to place flowerpots on the white walls. These pots should have very bright and striking flowers. The bougainvilleas are the most characteristic flowers of the Cordovan style courtyards.

Andalusian Patio

Buganvilla in Andalusian courtyard

Obviously, it’s not about creating on your own terrace a Andalusian patiobut you can find inspiration among all the colors and plants that they use to create unique and very striking environments.

Andalusian courtyard full of flowers

If what you need is to decorate a terrace or urban balcony you’ll always have to think about what shades fit into your home décor. For this, a good solution is to resort to a simple and neutral furniture to which you can add colour through the textileslike cushions. However, resorting to pieces of furniture in pastel tones is also a great solution.

Urban balcony with touches of colour

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