Ideas to create a Mediterranean terrace – Interior and Exterior Decoration

If you have terrace it must be said that you’re a lucky man. There are many people who have one, and yet they don’t make much use of it. Are you bored of your terrace? How is it decorated? Maybe it’s time to redecorate it, to give it a different look. How about a Mediterranean touch?

Ideas to create a Mediterranean terrace

Today we will give you some ideas so that you can turn your terrace into a Mediterranean corner full of charm. From colors to floors, everything can influence the decoration of a terrace.

Blue tones that should never be missing

It is clear that if we look at some of the most representative peoples of the Mediterranean we are going to find a palette of color quite evident in which the blue have complete protagonism. Yes, the blue reminds us of the Mediterranean, for this reason we can use it in textiles. What’s more, if we want a Mediterranean-style terrace they are almost essential.

Blue tones for Mediterranean terrace

White walls to contrast

The best way to make the blue palette stand out is to paint the walls white. It is another of the characteristic features of the most beautiful villages of the Mediterranean. It is important to choose a paint that is resistant and suitable for exteriors; not all paints are suitable for being outdoors. If we do not want them to stop with the passage of time, the best thing is also to give several hands.

Mediterranean style terrace

Mediterranean terrace

Careful vegetation

One terrace with floors gives a lot more joy, we know that. In this specific case, a good idea is to bet on autochthonous plants. Plants that we can see in the Mediterranean, for example, the bougainvilleas, that can become quite big and have pink flowers, lilacs, oranges, among other colors, really very pretty. Palms of different sizes, as well as small fruit trees such as a lemon tree can also be an excellent option for our Mediterranean terrace.

Buganvillas on a Mediterranean terrace

White walls on Mediterranean terrace

The most suitable soils

There are several options. It is clear that traditional floors such as clay tiles or bricks are one of the most interesting options, but we can also opt for something a little more traditional by adding tiles of the type hydraulic. Best of all, being so fashionable today, we will find a wide variety of models and colors. A fun touch to the floors of our terrace that will make it look much more cozy.

Flooring with bricks for exteriors

Hydraulic floor for exteriors

Natural materials

As for the material of the furniture, although it is true that wood is a great idea that will always work, we can opt for alternatives such as works furniture. The advantage is clear, they adapt completely to the space. In addition, work benches, for example, can be dressed with cushions to make them much more comfortable. Another material that we cannot lose sight of is the hurdle. It is ideal to place it on the ceiling, as a protection against the sun. It is not necessary to cover the entire terrace, but you can create a small advance with this material to protect the furniture you place on it.

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