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You don’t have to have a big terrace to enjoy beautiful exteriors. The balconiesWhether big or small, they are a great option and an outlet for anyone lucky enough to have one. We love them, and that’s why we offer you some ideas that may come in handy to have a nice balcony to enjoy in the summer.

More ideas to decorate balconies

Everything is important. Look at aspects such as furniture, but don’t forget the lighting, and pay special attention to the vegetation. Here are some of them tips to decorate your balcony.

A place to rest

Balconies can be a good place to relax. For this, never forget the furniture, it is important. You can opt for pvc or wooden chairs, although we can not deny that large wicker chairs, with soft cushions, are one of the best options. An auxiliary table for the drinks and some planttita and you will have mounted a perfect corner to enjoy your breakfasts, snacks and dinners outdoors. Don’t worry if your balcony is not the same as the images and is, for example, a little smaller, you can always opt for special furniture. There are real wonders in the decoration shops that adapt perfectly to small spaces.

Wicker armchairs for the balcony

Balcony to rest

A nice bench

Benches are very versatile and functional surfaces. The same is true for hosting several people who allow you to stretch your legs while sunbathing on your cozy balcony. You can choose between wicker, wood, iron or PVC benches. In addition, if you want to invest a little more, you can also build work benches.

Bench on the balcony

Balcony bench


Your balcony may be very bright, but maybe that sun doesn’t suit you all the time. Well, no problem, there are options that can come in handy. If space permits, you could put in a small umbrella. If not, you can always buy umbrellas that are anchored to the wall and that are like an awning.

Balcony with sunshade

Balcony parasol

Decorative lighting

While it is true that the balcony lighting can be done with candles or with conventional lights, we like very much the option of placing wreaths of lights. In addition there are also garlands of sunlight, for those who prefer to use sustainable energy and not raise the electricity bill.

Balcony with garland of lights

Garland of lights for the balcony

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