Indoor terraces – Interior and exterior decoration

We may not be lucky enough to live in a country houseand therefore, let’s not enjoy a big terrace. Still, we’re probably lucky and in our home We have a large indoor terrace, one of those that are at the back of the fincas and overlooks a large patio surrounded by many more fincas.

Indoor terraces

Many of you will think that they are a little uncomfortable, since they do not always get the sun, they are not that big and obviously they do not replace the big terraces of the garden houses. Still, having a indoor terrace and decorate it with taste can make this space completely privileged.


The options are many, depending on our tastes. However, we can say that one solution that always looks really good is to cover the floors or walls with wood. The wood will make these terraces, which are sometimes cold when they are inside, more welcoming and warm.

Indoor terrace

If it’s the green areas that we miss, we can always set up a green space on our terrace. We have to be consistent, and know what type of plants will be able to survive; and that is that depending on the hours of sun, which can sometimes be very few, and the humidity, we will need one type or another. Even so, it is also advisable not to overdo it with these plants, as more than a terrace can be turned into a greenhouse.

Decoration of terraces

An interesting idea is to place a living area outside. We can opt for wooden or forgewhich will give a very welcoming atmosphere to this place. Decorating these elements with cushions and covers is a good idea, but let’s make sure they can be removed, in case it rains and they have to be removed.

Terrace with flowers

In addition, if we choose to create an intimate area on this terrace, we can always use these elements that give a certain nostalgic and romantic air, the candles; and that is that a lot of candles The plants and the areas with cushions can be very pleasant.

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