Small balconies with wood – Interior and exterior decoration

If we have a balconyEven if it is small, we have the possibility of creating a unique corner of rest; and it is not necessary to have a big terrace so you can enjoy a little bit of outdoor life. Now, these small balconies can be ideal places to let our imagination fly and get a magic corner in our house.

Small balconies with wood

Something as simple as incorporating wood on our floor and wall coverings on a balcony, will give you a warmth unquestionable. To do this, we must only ensure that this wood is properly treated to avoid possible moisture problems, and do not forget that our balcony, as a rule, is exposed to the elements, with the problems that this can cause.

It doesn’t matter that our railing is forgeThe truth is that forging and wood have always had a fairly close relationship. Thus, in addition to this railing, we can also opt for small tables and the odd chair with a wrought-iron structure. The combination will be ideal.

Small balconies

Forge and wood on balconies

Charming small balconies

If, on the other hand, we want to continue betting on wood, there is a wide range of offers in the market, with chairs and tables that will not take up too much space and will offer us a unique space.

Small balcony low cost

An interesting point is the use of plants for decoration. It is interesting to place small pots with flowers of a thousand colorsThe only purpose of this is to add a little colour to this balcony, which will probably be a bit dull with the wooden floor and the forge. We can also add those colorful notes with our beloved textile, so recurrent always.

Wood on small balconies

Wood on small balconies

Finally, one option we love, is the use of vertical wood panels. They look just as good in the closed balconiesIt is a kind of lookout point, which on open balconies, and the truth is that it gives us a new tapestry to be able to decorate with all kinds of pots and even paintings, if we want. Imagination has no limits, and wood gives us many possibilities of combination.

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