Ideas to decorate balconies – Interior and Exterior Decoration

The small balconies can be an ideal place to decorate. No matter the space, they are very grateful; and that is that even the smallest balcony can look like a large space of relaxation and comfort outdoors. How? Evidently through the embellishment.

Ideas to decorate balconies

On a balcony, big or small, the main thing is to find furniture that can be functional and comfortable. In this sense there is no problem, because in the market there is an endless number of furniture adapted for small spaces.

The ideal is to look for a round table, which always occupies less space, although if we find a square of small dimensions, we will take much more advantage of the meters. The same happens with the chairs, better the small and folding ones, of those that when we do not use they can be hung in any corner so that the balcony seems more ample and is usable for other things.


There are other attractive solutions, such as the placement of a swing-seat. Yes, a seat attached to the ceiling that allows us to have the lower part of the balcony free and clear, while giving us the opportunity to swing during the day outdoors.



The plants for terraces and balconies are always welcome; and it is that a small balcony can also be converted into a lawn improvised. At this point it is better to opt for small pots and not to abuse, because if we place many we will dwarf the space.




An interesting option is to opt for planters that come out from the outside of the railing. Thus, we will enjoy the green without crowding our balcony.


He’s finally playing with the textile. Use the color to give life to this outdoor space. Place cushions, keep them and even carpets. Don’t be afraid, color is always welcome on balconies or terraces.

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