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The fall brings lower temperatures and makes our terraces and balconies are left lifeless. If you’re one of those who resist thinking that this space is going to be useless for the next few months, you’re going to love this article. We’ll give you some ideas to enjoy your terrace in autumn.

Enjoy your terrace in autumn

The cold can be overcome without problems during the autumn in a very simple way, for example with a nice sail awning a comfortable sofa and a few blankets. We can even form a composition with two or more triangular awnings, which in addition to functional are very decorative. The ideal place to enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

Don’t skimp on the textilebecause he can be your great ally in these months. Find the softest and most comfortable cushions, the warmest blankets and get ready to admire the scenery from your terrace as autumn arrives.

It’s a good opportunity to make furniture from recycled objects. If you have wooden boxes, wooden pallets or those cable reels, you can turn them into furniture for your terrace. The ideal is to treat wood to resist the weather conditions.

Autumn terrace

The embellishment it’s important. We may not have the opportunity to enjoy the colorful spring or summer flowers, but there are many plants that we can place during the fall to make our terrace more cozy. Autumn has colors. The ochres, browns and reds are typical of this season and we should take advantage of them.

It is a matter of consulting with specialists to acquire the plants recommended for autumn. In fact we have published an article where we talk about options of plants for terraces all year round.

Terrace with plants for autumn

Autumn Decoration for Terraces

During this season we will notice that every day there is less natural light. If you want to win the battle in the shortest days place lanterns to introduce candles or use those garlands of lights bordering your terrace or balcony, the atmosphere will be much more welcoming. You can see more ideas for outdoor lighting in our article “Ideas to decorate patios for the night“.

The decoration with LED lights can become a good option. In the lighting shops you will find a great variety of luminaires, lanterns and garlands with LED technology, which besides being very nice are respectful with the environment and will save you a good money in every electricity bill.

Beautiful terrace with lots of wood

Finally, if the rains don’t give you a break, perhaps the most interesting option is to roof half of your terrace or at least one sector. This way you can keep your furniture out of the water without any problem if it gets ruined.

In enclosures we find an endless number of options, from those made of wood, warm and ideal for create a cozy place in the fallIt is also possible to choose from a wide range of products, from glass to glass or, more economical and common, fibreglass. Although it is true that glass or fiberglass usually get dirtier with the rains and give us more problems when it comes to cleaning, the advantage is that they let the light pass. It’s just a matter of taste.

Semi-roofed terrace

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