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After having published a few days ago an article with “.10 stylish urban balconies“and to see the repercussion it had on social networks, particularly in our Facebook fanpagewe decided to contribute some more ideas for those fortunate enough to have an “oasis” in the middle of the city.

More ideas to decorate urban balconies

And once again we vindicate the “Low Cost decoration“. It doesn’t take much money to achieve good results. Here we see, for example, as with some wooden cratessome plants and some colorful cushions is more than enough.

We love plants to decorate balconies, especially flowers. We can achieve different effects. If you like the hanging flowerpots is an excellent place to make use of them. In addition, another alternative that you should not overlook is that of the vertical gardensthat you can make them with some furniture thought for it or, if you like the do-it-yourself, also you can make one with wooden pallets and even with decorative stairs.



If there is outdoor furniture that we love, it is the wrought iron furniture. Yes, it is true that they are more expensive than others, but there are two reasons why we prefer them, firstly because they are very elegant, and secondly because they are “eternal”.


The following is a beautiful autumn balconyIn this case the green that we like so much is not observed, but we cannot deny the excellent combination between the typical vegetation of autumn and the shades of pink, lilac and violet that have been used in textiles.


The little balcony tables are a must, not only for decorate our small outdoor spaceWhy have a balcony if we don’t take advantage of it and don’t make use of it even if it’s for an afternoon tea? No matter if it is square or round, a small table with a couple of chairs will always look great!




For decorate balconies there are no rules, anything goes. This is such a personal space that it is best if we decorate it to our liking, surely our guests will love it!

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