Garden furniture inspired by nature – Interior and exterior decoration

Have you ever looked at the ribs on a leaf against the light? The wonder of your design reminds us of the harmonious wisdom of nature, which integrates beauty and functionality. In the decoration The functionality of the home often makes us sacrifice aesthetics, but it is possible to achieve the perfect combination of both aspects, as shown by this line of garden furniture inspired by nature, that matches resilient materials with a natural design that integrates the furniture into the surrounding space.

The signature of Italian designers Corradi offers us Foglia (sheet in Italian), a line of garden furniture which is defined as a “refined and romantic project, in which the structure is confused by the shadows drawn by the rays of light, which slide through the metal stalk design. A concept born from a weft of leaves that extends in a capillary way, to create different and unique surfaces that give life to a very particular object. The aluminium, steel and teakThe combination of the precious fabrics creates refined, unstructured, wrap-around seats with a rich visual appeal.

The outdoor furniture by Corradi offers us not only a place to sit and read, eat, sunbathe or share with people, but a real visual show in which a design of minimalist and simple lines that take advantage of natural lightl to play with the textures, producing effects that increase the feeling of peace and relaxation that should be present in these spaces, integrating completely into the environment. Beautiful, simple, delicate, durable and functional, Foglia furniture is ideal for any garden.

Source: Corradi

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