Create a pot with concrete blocks – Interior and exterior decoration

Concrete is in! almost as much as the environmental awareness that has allowed us to discover the wonder that can come from recycle these items forgotten that previously would have gone in the trash. That’s why when I stumble upon fantastic and intelligent ideas that seek to take advantage of those unusual materials to create useful and functional objects like this one from DesignSponge, in which they use an old door and a few concrete blocks to create a pot I can’t do more than share it with you.

With very simple materials, such as a few concrete blocks leftover from any building work and a door that could have been left after changing the house, it is possible to create a beautiful, decorative and functional corner in the terraceThe “Snake” is a plant that you can display in an aesthetic way.

This project is inspired by a slightly simpler and minimalist one, which takes up a larger amount of space, only this one is a little more compact, which makes it perfect for any reduced space. Similarly, the addition of the door adds a touch of colour and joy to the composition, giving it warmth and incorporating a small surface that can be used as a side table. Charming and original, don’t you think?

Source: DesignSponge, ApartmenTherapy

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