Dining rooms on balconies. Ideas to create a dining area on the balcony.

Whoever has a balcony has a real treasure. That’s the way it is. No matter how small. We have spoken on many occasions about decoration of small balconies. This space can be the best place for a relaxing rest, even in a big city. A balcony is a door to the outside where you can rest from the most stressful days. How would you like to take advantage of it for lunch or dinner? Maybe you’d prefer a mid-morning snack or a sunny snack. Anything is possible. In this occasion we will give you some ideas of dining rooms on balconies.

Dining rooms on balconies

Yes, it’s true that a dining room on the balcony won’t be big enough or comfortable enough like those. outdoor dining rooms we were talking about a while back. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a special corner. Next we will show you how to take advantage of your balcony so I can have lunch or dinner at it. A unique space that you can make the most of.

Round tables for small balconies

In small balconiesspace has to be prioritized. That said, the idea is to get a small table, and what you need to know is that round tables are ideal for saving space. If you’re in a position buy a round table don’t hesitate to get one of these. If it’s a small one, enough for two diners and two chairs or stools, that’s all you need to be able to have an improvised picnic on your balcony. And if you add to that some shade with an umbrella or one of those. sail awnings so pretty, so much better.

Round tables for balcony dining rooms

Round tables for balcony dining rooms

Furniture for small spaces

If not even a table enters your small balcony, no matter how small, and yet you can not resist having one of those nice dining rooms on balconiesmaybe you should opt for another type of furniture.

In the market you will find an endless number of options. From side tables hanging from the railing to makeshift bars that work great with a couple of stools. As you can see, you don’t need to have a large balcony when there are such solutions. Many of them can be collected once they are used, leaving room for your plants.

Bars for balcony railings

Folding table for balconies

Wood for exteriors

Although there is a great variety of materials for outdoor furniturewe must recognize that wood is one of the most interesting. Wood is synonymous with warmth, creating pleasant and cozy spaces. In addition, if you mix this space with plants, you can have a corner to eat or have an even nicer breakfast.

Dining areas on balconies

Wooden tables and chairs for balconies

Coloured chairs for dining rooms on balconies

If you like colorful outdoor spaces there’s a lot to do. You can add color through plants, with eye-catching textiles and also with furniture. How about doing it with chairs? As you can see, placing colorful chairs on a small balcony will automatically fill you with joy. If you have wooden chairs or metal, you can paint them yourself. The chalk paint is very useful for restoring old furniture.

Coloured chairs for balconies

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