Colorful urban balconies. Decoration of balconies.

It’s not the first time we’ve shared ideas for urban balconiesand that is that those who live in the big cities know very well the importance of this little space that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy in their apartments. This time we will share some ideas for colorful urban balconies. We hope you like the proposals…

Colorful urban balconies

If you are one of the lucky ones to have this little paradise in the middle of the jungle that is the city, maybe these proposals will suit you well to decorate it and make it more beautiful, either for individual enjoyment, or with family or friends.

Colourful DIY urban balcony furniture

We can get a beautiful balcony already with outdoor furniture purchased in a store, as well as with the typical wooden pallets or palletswith which we can make DIY furniture very interesting. And if we add color, so much the better! Some time ago we shared some ideas for making furniture from recycled objectswhich could well be used to get colorful urban balconies.

Decoration of urban balconies

Colourful balconies without abusing colour

No need to abuse color. To get a merry balcony it can be enough to choose two tonalities, as for example turquoise and pink, as we see in the following image, that accompanied by white and wood make a very good game.

Balcony in turquoise and pink

And if you like to use two colours, you might be interested in this balcony with some beautiful black iron armchairs, where the colour is provided by the green cushions and others with turquoise and white stripes. The final touch is given by a carpet made of natural fibres right in the middle of the scene.

Green and turquoise for the balcony

Illumination of balconies with garlands of lights

Another resource for adding colour to an outdoor space, in addition to textiles and coloured furniture, are the wreaths of lights. We love these garlands of small paper lamps in different colors, because at night they give light and color, but also look very pretty during the day. Something to keep in mind with this type of garlands with paper lanterns is that if the direct sun gives them it will not be a good idea to leave them permanently, because in a short time they will lose color.

It should be made clear that using colour does not mean dispensing with natural colours, but on the contrary. As we can see in these images, the rugs of natural fibers or textiles in ochre or beige, combine perfectly with vivid colors.

Color details on urban balconies

Decoration of urban balconies with plants

In addition to the furniture needed to enjoy this space, such as a table and a couple of chairs, we love plants, especially those with flowers. The balcony plants are very important, because they end up giving the warmth that is generally sought in outdoor decoration.

Urban balcony

Small balcony with many floors

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