Terraces Boho Chic. Keys to decorate Boho Chic style.

The Boho Chic style is defined by being a freestyle. It’s a style with certain hippy tints that doesn’t understand much about rules. A harmonic mix of other styles such as ethnic or even kitch. This is where we find the charm of the Boho Chic, which can be extended to any corner of a house, also to a terrace. In today’s article we’ll show you some ideas for terraces Boho Chicthat you’re sure to love.

Boho Chic Terraces

We have seen this decorative style applied to interiors, but this time it is applied to exteriors. Next we will give you some clues for decorate terraces Boho Chic.

Mix decorative styles

As we mentioned before, one of the most important keys to Boho Chic decoration is the mix of styles. The bohemian decoration has hippie tints, yes, but also takes details of the ethnic style or even certain brushstrokes of what they call kitsch style. This is because the Boho likes to mix all kinds of cultures and styles, something it shares with the ethnic decoration, which insists on exhibiting materials, prints and souvenirs of distant journeys. Don’t be afraid to include a Persian rug, a Moroccan pouf, Indian fabrics and prints or even Turkish lanterns. Everything is welcome on the Boho Chic terraces.

Boho chic terraces

Charming boho chic terrace

Lots of colour for Boho Chic terraces

Another of the most characteristic features of the Boho Chic is its taste for color. Yeah, colors in this style are always a good bet. They are the axis on which absolutely everything else revolves. The key is to mix as many colours as we can naturally. There are no limits. Take advantage to generate a rainbow on your exterior, full of vibrant colors. It is true that the Boho has a certain devotion to a palette of colours between browns and reds, but also feels comfortable mixing them with greens, yellows (more mustard than lemon yellow) or blues and even roses.

Terraces Boho Chic with lots of color

Colorful Boho Chic Terraces

The importance of fabrics

Color is essential, but so is color. blending of tissues. Upholstery in everything Boho environment is another one of those keys we can’t pass up. Just because we’re abroad doesn’t mean we have to do without textiles. Cushions, carpets or even curtain type curtains are an excellent option to place on Boho Chic terraces. Don’t forget that the more prints they contain, as well as the more colors, the better.

Fabrics for a Boho Chic terrace

Boho Chic Terraces

Terrace materials Boho Chic

As for the materials, considering that it is a style that straddles trends such as the hippie or ethnic, it is not surprising that it feels much more comfortable with natural materials such as wood, wicker or rattan. It also includes certain doses of metal or crystal (very useful for adding color through tinted crystals).

Wood on terraces Boho Chic

Natural materials in terraces Boho Chic

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