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A room bathed by the sun, full of windows to the outside has many names: porch, terrace glass, solarium and much more. Solariums used to have glass ceilings and were used as greenhouses, but the definition has become somewhat more flexible in recent years. A porch or covered terrace is protected from the elements because it has windows that close and often have insulations that allow it to be used all year round. Whatever name you use for this light-filled room is often the most popular space in the house. Check out these tips for decorate your covered terrace for all seasons.

In a small house, where space is limited, a covered terrace can serve as the dining room, while a long, closed porch has plenty of room to rest and eat. It’s about define the spaces with a rug or two. A brick floor gives a rustic touch that articulates the place of the room between the closed space and the one that is open to the elements.

Just because a porch is often a three-season room, there’s no reason to limit the furniture to those designed just to be at home. open air. If your terrace is covered, you can use all types of upholstery, and if it is not completely covered, you can still use furniture and cushions with more delicate finishes that you can change when less benign climates arrive. Take advantage of the accessories to give the look you want.

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