Decorate your dining room on the terrace or patio – Interior and exterior decoration

With the arrival of summer, the outside can become the epicenter of social gatherings. Nothing like sharing a meal with family and friends while enjoying the warm, benevolent weather. If you want to create a outside that is cozy, beautiful and stylish, check out these tips for decorate your dining room on the terrace or patio.

Mix and match the furniture tol just like you would on the inside. Complete dining sets are no longer an undeniable symbol of style, as today there are many options for furniture that can cope with the elements of the environment. Take advantage if you have a small roof, such as the terra or the portico to use different types of furniture.

If the space is limiteduses a corner of the courtyard as a small breakfast nook. A round table and chairs for four people may be sufficient and leave space for sofas, armchairs and rocking chairs on the rest of the terrace.

Don’t forget the details: treat your outside table as if it were your regular dining room. Don’t forget to place flowers, tablecloths, candles and other details to complement your decoration. It’s important that you take care of the lighting in the space. This way, your outdoor dining area will be as cozy and comfortable as the one inside your home.

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