Outdoor Windproof Table – Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

Those who are lucky enough to have a terrace o lawn many times they must spend evenings in it having dinner with family or friends. The worst enemy of these dinners or meals outside is the wind. How many times have we found ourselves trying to hold the napkin, the plate or the steak? Well, browsing through the net we have found a solution to these wind problems, which although they are not hurricanes are really annoying.

This is a table made with the appropriate spaces to place glasses, cutlery, plates and other household items. The designeven though it’s pretty neutral, it’ll look great in a green zone. In addition the chairs of this garden furniture have sections in the backrest in which we can place personal objects that are always on the table and can end up accidentally spilling liquids, such as our precious mobile.

It is undoubtedly the ideal solution. The truth is that due to its color and the simplicity of its lines does not need any special environment to make it look good and we will also protect a little more our delicious dishes on the outside of our restaurant. hearth.

Photo via: Homechunk.com

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