Decorate your balcony for spring. Spring decoration.

Our terraces and balconies can look very cheerful in springtimeThis is an ideal season to enjoy the outdoors and invite our friends and family to unique evenings. If you haven’t done it yet, we encourage you to do it: decorate your balcony for spring.

Decorate your balcony for spring

What can we add to the decoration of our balcony to make us agree to the spring? A lot of things, but above all, color. The color has to be present everywhere, as if our small outdoor space was a beautiful field of flowers. It is for this reason that we often share colorful ideas for decorating exteriors.

Decorate your balcony with vivid colors

We must not be afraid to experiment, mix and risk. The vivid colors are becoming more and more fashionable. They will bring incredible vitality to this corner of our home, and especially in spring! This type of colors can be present in furniture, cushions or carpets and even in banners.

Colorful spring balcony

Don’t forget tables and chairs, no matter what space you have on your balcony, you’ll always find one that fits. On the market there are countless solutions, including those folding chairs, ideal for small balconies. Wanting is power, and imagination has no limits. What are you waiting for, decorate your balcony for spring!

Colorful balcony

Urban balcony

Lighting to decorate balconies

Play with the lights. It is true that during spring, as a general rule, there is more natural light. The days are a little longer, but we should not do without artificial light, and is that the nights on our balcony will be unique, with a pleasant cool that will invite us to dinner or have a drink outside. The wreaths of lights are a classic for exteriors, more and more seen and also very easy to get in light shops.

Balcony lighting

You can illuminate your balcony, with candles, with lamps or with solar light systems. Yeah, sunlight. If we have more hours of light, it seems pretty obvious that this kind of elements will have a better result, don’t you think? This way we can fill our balcony with lanterns. You can see more ideas in our article “Original proposals to illuminate exteriors“.

Spring Balcony with lights

Advantages of awnings on balconies

If you have a chance to do so, you should consider the option of placing an awning. If spring comes with force, the sun will begin to have more presence. There are times when we are grateful, but others when we prefer to be under the shelter of the sun. The sail awnings are trends nowadays, if you have enough space you should take them into account. A more practical alternative may be an umbrella.

Balcony with umbrella and coloured benches

Decorate your balcony for spring with flowers

Finally remember that plants are life, and in a spring balcony even more. You can put green plants, but don’t forget the flowersincluding plants and small fruit trees. Turn your balcony into a makeshift orchard. Yes, it is true that in most cases there is not enough space for everything we would like, but for that there are the vertical gardensthat we can either buy or make ourselves, as we saw some time ago in an article with ideas to make your own vertical garden with wooden pallets.

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