Closed balconies to gain space. Enclosures for balconies.

Although a balcony is a window to the outside that many would like, the truth is that it can be a few meters but many people choose to integrate them into the home to gain space. Yeah, we’re talking about the closed balconiesone of the most common refurbishments in small apartments. And it is logical, families grow and more needs arise, and one of them is the covered area.

Closed balconies to gain space

In today’s article we will share ideas for closed balconies, which have been closed not only to take advantage of them on cold or bad weather days, but also to become a very important part of the home, thus becoming an extension of the living room, or dining room. In other cases they are not an extension of another stay but become another environment, like a reading corner, a study where set up a small home officeor a sewing corner.

A breakfast corner with views

Closing the balcony doesn’t mean depriving us of a good view at breakfast time. Quite the opposite. The good thing about to place closings in balconies or terraces is that we can use it in both winter and summer. One way to make this space more useful is to place some nice chairs or stools and a small table (always depending on the square meters available). If the balcony were completely integrated and it was an extension of the house, we could even use a little larger furniture, without doors or passageways.

Small closed balcony

Small dining room in closed balcony

Enclosed balcony shelving

We love shelves on closed balconies. As small as it is, we can install some open shelves where we can place not only books but also photos, travel souvenirs or whatever we can think of. An extra storage area that will give colour to this “outdoor” space, without fear of rain or temperature changes spoiling what we have here. It will be essential to have curtains to prevent the sun’s rays from damaging books and other objects.

Ideas to take advantage of small closed balconies

Decoration for closed balconies

Reading corners in closed balconies

A reading and resting area is another interesting option when we talk about balconies with enclosure. You can place from a hammock up to create a chill out zone. A corner full of cushions where you can relax while enjoying a good book. A place where you can take a nap after summer (and why not winter) meals.

Closed balcony reading corner

Ideas for small closed balconies

Balcony enclosures

A small living room outside with enclosure

You don’t have to give this new room in your house a specific use. Maybe you just feel like creating a covered outdoor salon. A place where you can receive your visitors and share a coffee or a meal while enjoying the light of day. Low wicker chairs and even a wooden bench and a low table could be more than enough to set up this beautiful outdoor stage.

Small living room on an enclosed balcony

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