Outdoor lighting. Ideas to illuminate balconies and terraces.

Whether large terraces or small balconies, having an outdoor space to enjoy is a real luxury. Sunny days are ideal, but so are nights. Today we will talk precisely about the exterior lightingthat will make us enjoy terraces and balconies at night.

Outdoor lighting

In this article we will share some interesting ideas that you can put into practice if you have a small balcony or a terrace. There are many alternatives, there are for all tastes and pockets. From small decorative candles to authentic outdoor bonfires.

Outdoor lighting with led garlands

Sounds like a lie, time passes and the led lighting has already become a classic. The garlands of outdoor LED lights are, without a doubt, the great victors when it comes to outdoor lighting. They are affordable and there are plenty of options for all tastes. In light shops we can get simple LED strips, in which there is no decoration, only light, and also come garlands with small balls of different sizes and colors. What’s more, there are also solar-charged LED strips, with which we can save electricity.

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Exterior decoration with garlands of lights

LED light garlands to decorate balconies and terraces

Indirect lights

The indirect light on balconies a little bigger or for terraces we love them. These lights are usually placed close to the plants. The effect is most relaxing. In addition, there are also indirect lights that can be included in floors or walls. Look for a strategic place to place them so that your exterior has different sources of light that generate atmosphere, creating the quietest spaces to relax with your friends and family at night.

Indirect lights for terraces

Indirect lights to decorate balconies and terraces

Another very interesting alternative to illuminate balconies or terraces, is to use indirect lights under a table or a bench, as we can see in the following image:

Bench with light on the terrace

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An exterior lamp

Floor lamps are not usually used outdoors. However, as you can see in the following images, it is also an option to consider. It’s a direct, visual choice. A decorative element that will be added to your exterior by creating a perfect reading space. A blanket and a cushion and you have everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite book. If you also have an outdoor table, a floor lamp could also be used to illuminate any evening. The result will be wonderful.

Floor lamp to illuminate exteriroes

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