Small balconies. Ideas to decorate small balconies.

Don’t suffocate if you don’t have a large terrace, your small balcony can also serve as a space to disconnect you from the real world, even if only for a while; and it doesn’t matter how big it is, there are countless interesting options to take advantage of the space at small balconies. In this article we will show you some images with the intention of inspiring you.

Small balconies with a lot of charm

You don’t need big furniture, with some plants with flowers and a seat you can turn this balcony into a window to paradise, where you can read, sunbathe and enjoy life outdoors without leaving home, no matter how much you live in the middle of a big city.

Outdoor furniture for small balconies

If we talk about small spaces, by common sense, the optimum would be to put the least amount of furniture possible. In the market we find many options in outdoor furniture. A rocking chair may be everything to some, if only to sit for a while to read or rest. Another option are folding chairs, ideal for smaller balconies, as we can fold them and store them when we do not need them.


If we have enough space, as well as a couple of folding chairs, it would be good to have a small matching table. As far as materials are concerned, there are several options, from wood, wrought iron and even aluminium.


The larger balconies can have space for fixed furniture such as a bench, which can serve as a seat when we want to enjoy a lunch, or as a resting place for the rest of the day. And if it’s a bench with trunk-style storage space, so much the better.


Textile for decorating small balconies

The best complement for a charming balcony could be an attractive, colourful textile. In addition to cushions, you can opt for colorful carpets, as they will make this space look much more cheerful. Many will wonder what to do with outdoor textiles. Well, that’s fine. The cushions are easy to put on and take off. With regard to carpets, there are ideal solutions for exteriors, as in the case of the vinyl rugsavailable in many colors and various prints.





Small balconies with flowers

Flowers are another essential point. It is possible to opt for less colorful plants, but we cannot deny that flowerpots with beautiful flowers will brighten up this space in a really amazing way. However, we must think carefully what type of flowers to plant, depending on the orientation of our balcony and how small the sun, it will be convenient to plant one or the other. In such a case it is ideal to consult with specialists in plants and garden.

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