Stylishly arranged pantries

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Functionality does not have to be at odds with beauty. These ideas for tidying up the pantry are proof of that.

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Nothing to hide

Keep everything in sight on shelves or behind glass doors. That way you’ll know what to buy at a glance.

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In the variety…

It combines open and closed storage solutions to cover all needs.

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The dream of the order junkies

Designing a custom-made pantry will allow you to make the most of the space.

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To visually lighten the shelves, group similar products into trays and baskets.

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Storage solutions not only serve to organize, they can also multiply space, as they have done with these metal baskets.

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Fresh product

It includes a mini-fridge or a freezer for fresh products.

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Modular shelving is a perfect solution to make the most of space and is often more cost-effective than a custom design.

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Make good use of corners with corner shelves.

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Greenhouse effect

The black metal enclosures with glass are a trend. Place a screen between the pantry area and the kitchen to delimit the spaces and not lose the amplitude.

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Perfect temperature

In this pantry, they have also installed a system to have a constant temperature and to preserve the food better.

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Do it yourself

You want a pantry with your personal touch? Paint the drawers colorful and use ribbons to customize it.

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Seen and unseen

A well-stocked cupboard can be the perfect pantry. Take this example: doors with shelves and a blackboard, a pull-out trolley, bookcase, shelves and bottle rack.

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No room in the kitchen? This system allows you to turn the back of the door into a pantry.

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Shopping list

Cover the wall of the pantry with slate paint and make it the perfect place to write down what to buy.

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Behind the curtain

A curtain will allow you to hide the less aesthetic products. Opt for the same colour for the fabric and the shelves and success will be guaranteed.

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A matter of priorities

Whatever you use most should be at eye level. The products you need the least will go on the top or bottom shelves.

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Farm look

A pantry cupboard made of worn wood, flower wallpaper and a slate shaped like a cow. A combination that takes us to the countryside.

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Light metals

Bet on metal shelves and bottle racks and combine them with a cement bench. The result makes you fall in love.

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Get this look: a corrugated metal sheet to cover the wall, factory-fit lamps hanging from the ceiling, wooden boxes and a metal sliding door.

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Very natural

We love these cardboard boxes for storing the vegetables.

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Provençal look

The white pickled furniture, the natural fibre baskets, the light blue touches and the preserves in glass jars are perfect to reproduce the French country style at home.

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Work area

If your pantry is next to the counter, leaving a shelf or part of it empty may be a good idea to have a place to support ingredients or utensils you are using.

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Reserve a space in your pantry for those kitchen utensils that you don’t use enough to keep on the counter, but that you always want to have on hand, such as the scale or extra cutting boards.

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It all fits.

Get several transparent plastic baskets of the same model to store everything uniformly and to be able to quickly check what you need to buy.

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