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open spaces with exposed brick and wooden beams


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PVC system

Replacing the old ones with new and efficient ones is a necessary investment to revalue the house, gain thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption.

In the picture, PVC system Kömmerling76Kömmerling, in a wide variety of colours, here in soft forge grey.

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Ecological painting

Express renovation that transforms homes: painting. This time, choose trendy colors, without fear. You will surely feel an irresistible attraction for several! Eco-friendly paint in tone Local Greenfrom Jotun. It is one of the twelve new colours in their range Majestic Pure Color (39,90 €/4 l).

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The role is a protagonist

As with the actors on the screen, the prints of roles and murals seduce as soon as they come on stage. Resistant and versatile, their capacity to transform environments and the variety of motifs, colours and aesthetics – with them it is easy to personalise decorated spaces in any style – make them a wall covering to be reckoned with.

Role of the collection RiversideThe company Casadeco (73.15 euros/roll).

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More real and visual range

With a clear layout you add up the valuable meters of the passage areas and the spatial feeling changes.

If brick walls, beams, columns and original vaults appear in the work, integrate them as was done in this project, by Babel Studio.

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Renovated tiles

Recent technological innovation has revolutionized the ceramic industry, which is experimenting with new designs; an advance that has meant the definitive jump of this material from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms or other spaces in the house.

The new series play with relief and textures to give movement to the walls. Ceramics Solid Art BeigeThe “CasaInfinita”, by Keraben Grupo, in 30 x 90 cm (37.40 ? per square metre).

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Walls that resist

In addition to friction and impact, the walls have to support you hanging furniture, shelves or whatever you have in mind: an outdoor hammock? a swing?

Find out about the best solution; this is where Placo® Habito® laminated plasterboard was installed.

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Enhances brightness

In your house there are spaces without windows or that receive little light because they give onto a patio… Open them so that they can take advantage of other rooms!

Eliminates walls that are an obstacle to natural light circulation or replace them with a glass partition.

Reform, from Emmme Studio.

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Kitchen island

Will your new kitchen have an island? Make it the center of attention with a look attractive. With the tone New York-New York of the Neolith® architectural surface, the visual impact is guaranteed.

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Comfort and hygiene

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you need allies. With its removable head, touch and intuitive operation and three types of jet, the ZedraGrohe’s “Splash-Free” system prevents splashing, allows you to clean the dirt and rinse fruits or vegetables quickly and efficiently (from 419 ?).

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In attics…

It opens windows whenever possible for the light and ventilation – fundamental to improve the quality of the interior air – that they provide. According to Velux, twice as much natural light comes in with roof windows as with a vertical window of the same size. This house combines its projecting and vertical models (from 571 euros).

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Brighter bathrooms

With clear, large-format coatings, with hardly any joints, a feeling of greater spaciousness is created. In this bathroom, the protagonist is the ultra-compact Dekton® surface, by Grupo Cosentino, in colour HelenaThe stone has a fine crackle that achieves a depth typical of onyx natural stone.

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Sliding doors

Choose doors with a design that you really like and that add style to the décor.

Did you know that you can decide all the details? Type of mouldings, number and size of your panels, colour and measurements. The high ones create a feeling of spaciousness and the sliders make more use of the space. Pay attention also to the skirting boards -specifically the one in this house, owned by the jewelry designer Cayetana Blanco- and the ceiling moldings, because they are decisive to give a more sophisticated and stately air to your house.

Interior Design, by Jorge Muñoz del Sol.

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Retro, yet avant-garde bathroom

What if you choose designs vintage evocative in current and contemporary bathrooms? Like this pedestal washbasin, by the firm Hidrobox, made of white Scene® with a smooth texture and matt finish (940 ?). It belongs to the FS series, which consists of twenty-two designs with unique shapes.

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Stylish partitions

Shower enclosures add style and functionality when they are well designed. In the nine series D5 Custom20Duscholux’s Duscholux, with customisable top guide, there are options – and solutions – for any bathroom; all with 8 mm securised glass and cushioned closure.

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What’s missing from your bathroom and what would you improve

Surely your light, storage, comfort, technology and style. Study the weak points to make the most of the space, make it more comfortable and update your equipment and facilities. Furniture from the collection Prism (from 804 euros), mirror with led (from 141 euros) and Atlas tap (from 118 euros). Everything, from Roca.

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The shower, that great pleasure

The new bathrooms give maximum importance to this relaxation area. The purified lines are worn and the colour black stands out with its powerful aesthetic strength. In a new metallic finish with dark reflections, the built-in single-lever shower of the Study Exclusive series by Tres Grifería (896 euros).

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Echo attitude first and foremost

Passive House certified joinery is available, providing high levels of interior comfort and low energy consumption without compromising on design.

Deceuninck has two PVC systems that have that standard of construction; one is the Zendow#Neo Premium from the photo, in a gray cedar tone.

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Aluminium carpentry

It fuses interior and exterior with large-dimensioned enclosures that blur the boundaries between the home and its surroundings. In this project, Technal aluminium carpentry systems were installed.

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Key element in the water zone, choose it according to the use you will give it. The sink Olivino Pro, from Andemen, for a 90 cm cabinet and in stainless steel, it has an extra large bowl and a drainer on the right or left. It can be installed recessed, flush and under worktop (330 ?). Available in August.

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Natural fiber chair

If after the plays you have a salon open conceptIt is a clear, diaphanous, partitionless space where the furniture is distributed to delimit the space. Armchair, from HK Living, made of teak and natural abaca fibre (359 euros).

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Pastel tones reminiscent of hand-painted pottery. And that, in addition, give off peace and harmony. Porcelain tiles Lighthouseof the new series Graofrom Grespania, in 20 x 20 cm.

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Bamboo and lacquer shelves

A rear-free library separates rooms and does not interrupt the passage of light. It is a solution to separate living and dining rooms or the hall from the living room. Shelf Ejbyby JYSK, in bamboo and lacquer; measures 64 x 36 x 95 cm (69.99 ?).

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Side Tables

The side tables adapt to what you need. Their place in the room is not fixed, it varies according to the moment. Together, separate, on one side of the sofa… Tables, by Moycor (292 euros).

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Extra-flat dish

The trend in showers: extra-flat dishes and a la carte colours. And also safe, with a non-slip surface and anti-bacterial treatment. Qualities that the plate brings together Focus BetonThe Acquabella brand, with cut-to-size and metal ring in black, white, stainless steel or copper.

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