Relaxing house paint colors


It is one of the primary colors and, unintentionally, leads us to imagine the sea and the sky. In ancient cultures it was related to the divinity, that is why indigo pigments were used since ancient Egypt. In decoration, it has a soothing effect. Watch out for dark blue! Because it can induce melancholy. This shade is perfect for bedrooms, although this proposal in the kitchen is a genius. Ideally, the natural light should be very powerful to highlight the brightness of the blue.

blue dining room

Painting the kitchen blue

Miriam Yeleq / HEARST

DON’T GET LOST! Original colors to paint your house


I’m sure you’ve thought about putting a pink brush in your house. It’s not just a feminine color, it’s the ultimate expression of sweetness and harmony. It is also a shade that we find in nature and inspires us: who does not love to observe a rose bush, see a group of flamingos in the marshes or a beautiful sunset? It creates a special corner in any of its versions: chewing gum, powdered, coral, acid, magenta… This bedroom has an enormous visual power, because it increases creativity and energy. Paint one of the walls, choose contrasting fabrics on the cushions -whites, blues and turquoises go very well-, some neutral curtains to let the light through and a piece of design, like this velvet pub, to give personality.

pink bedroom

Bedroom painted pink.

Miriam Yeleq / HEARST


There are colors that improve mood and take away negativity. This is the superpower of green. The rooms in this palette convey tranquility and relax muscle tension and, believe it or not, encourage cell regeneration. When the house needs balance, all you have to do is decorate greenMore advantages? Green encourages optimism, so include it in upholstery, floral designs of accessories or on walls, because it brings serenity. Mint is great for the baby’s room or a girls’ bedroom. In its more fluoride version, it is refreshing, especially in the bathroom. If you find it too daring, you can always choose a vinyl in this range, towels, mirror frames or light fixtures.

green bathroom

Bathroom painted green.

Carlos Yagüe

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The walls stop being boring when you put color on them. If you’re going to choose a strong tone, paint just one of the walls in the room. Play at being a stylist and create an abstract painting on the wall, just like in the picture. This series of white shelves creates a very well used storage area in the work area, with furniture of simple lines. It is sophisticated and invites concentration because of its sobriety.

working area in anthracite grey

Work area in anthracite grey.

Patricia Gallego / HEARST


Welcome to maximalism! We recently saw Madonna’s bedroom in this intense color, so why not emulate the diva. It creates an atmosphere chic and elegant, as the purple palette always incites romanticism and exclusivity. Although it is associated with cold colours, if it is softened to the more softLike lavender, space becomes a place chilly.

purple bedroom

Bedroom painted in purple.

Pablo Zamora

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In neutral

The neutral wins points in decoration. Grey is one of the most versatile palettes in decoration, both for furniture and accessories. That is why shades are very important, so a grey can be cold or warm, depending on the amount of yellow or blue pigment used in the mixture. One of the values of the grey range is that it lacks psychological effect and gives depth to the rooms, so it is one of the most used to paint the walls. If you want to be more creative, paint the wall in two tones: they combine very well the light grey with the coral and with the yellow.

light grey painted foyer

Hall painted in light grey.

Miriam Yeleq / HEARST


The absence of color is a state of mind too. When you don’t decide on a range, bet on white, it never fails. In small flats, it is key to providing light and, in larger homes, it offers a thousand possibilities for decoration. Try to use it with nuances, pure white can be dazzling and it also gives a sensation of little warmth in the atmosphere. To create original atmospheres, it seeks a visual impact on the furniture or on the textures. What sensations does white give? Fresh and clean, it also gives a lot of peace and represents innocence.

painting in white illuminates the house

Painting in white lights up the house.

Alicia Macias

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