How to manage waste in the kitchen

To preserve the environment, it is essential to avoid throwaway products, buy in bulk and store in jars of food already consumed. But, once again, research is responding to today’s lifestyle with food crushers:

Food crushers

Here we show you the shredder TR50.4Teak, and the Evolution 250The Insinkerator’s three-phase grinding is fast and quiet.

Recycle all waste

For recycling to be effective, it is essential to separate waste correctly. In addition to the traditional containers and rubbish bins, we have added the organic waste bins. What should we put in them? Waste fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggshells, coffee grounds and tea… but also used kitchen paper and napkins, cork stoppers, matches, sawdust and garden waste. The organic waste is very small. A small bucket attached to the inside of a cupboard will be enough to accommodate it.

Kitchen waste bins

Leroy Merlin’s Suspended Cubes


Waste recycling bins

If you don’t know where to accumulate glass, cardboard, paper or clothing until you get them to the clean spot, get some stackable containers.

Kitchen: IKEA Stackable Waste Recycling Bins


In this kitchen: waste recycling bins SorteraIkea, with a folding lid so you can open them even if you put another one on top.

Buy them here In 39 x 55 x 28 cm, (7 euros) and in 39 x 55 x 45 cm (10 euros)

Practical kitchen furniture

Pía Nieto, an expert from, recommends placing the organic waste in the same area of the sink. It can be an exempt bucket or placed inside a drawer, as in this kitchen.

Kitchen: Garbage cans in drawer under the sink



Waste treatment pays off

The paper on this poster is made from recycled coffee cups.

Poster made from recycled coffee cups

Poster of the firm (from 25 euros).


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