Modern kitchens in different styles



The distributions open to the living room are the big winners in the kitchen reforms, like these that win in space and luminosity. Each one of these projects coincides in raising the kitchen as the most social area of the house. Its integration, total or partial, to other areas of the house such as the living room, is a clear option. The choice of white furniture and some design pieces (armchairs, lamps) and the presence of office are key proposals.
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The interior designer Virginia Gasch, from Estudio VgLiving, signs this project of open-plan kitchen for which he chose furniture in neutral colours and straight lines, with no handles, and a thin worktop, to make the thick wood shelves and the decorative hood look more attractive. The space has an office where the seats upholstered in blue velvet and the metallic chairs stand out. Photographs, ceramic objects and monstera leaves add a chic touch to the whole.

Budget: porcelain floor 27 euros/m2; Silestone worktop, 1,100 euros and kitchen furniture, 3,600 euros.



The Bilbao interior designer José Arroyo likes to work with materials such as brick, concrete, wood and glass; that is why, when an old beam came to light during the renovation of this kitchen, he knew that he had to put all his efforts into restoring and conserving it. And so he did, giving it his special touch: he reinforced it with glass panels to preserve it over time. Next to it, he installed a generous island in broken white, which serves as a work surface and dining table thanks to its high stools. The furniture was all chosen in white and the appliances, except for the ovens, were panelled. Another factor that was given special emphasis was the lighting, as it provides an extra dose of warmth for the interior designer.

Budget: previous actions, 4,200 euros; masonry, 4,800 euros; plumbing, 2,558 euros; electrical installation, 2,150 euros.


Slow deco

This project is part of the integral reform of a house carried out by the architects Ana Martín, Nahia Macon and Laura Muñoz, from Emmme Estudio. They divided the open space into three new areas: kitchen with peninsula, dining room and pantry. In addition, they eliminated a column that prevented free movement in the work area, levelled the floor that was at two heights and covered it with different materials -laminate in the dining room and ceramic in the kitchen area- and extended the window that communicates with the generous terrace. The peninsula with sink and breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the office.

Budget: renovation, furniture and appliances, 20,000


Paper Lined

This kitchen, also open, is signed by Victor Zorita, from the Backsteen interior design and rehabilitation studio. In it, the emphasis was placed on the office area, with a blank table and chairs. Victor dared to cover the walls of this area with a floral wallpaper that gives it a romantic and fresh look. On the shelf, a television and two little lamps in pistachio green dynamize the space. The warmth of the atmosphere is provided by the imitation wood floor and the natural fibre lamp suspended above the table.

Budget: wallpaper (50 euros/roll); porcelain floor (36 euros/m2).



Paula Rosales, interior designer of the architecture and design studio More & Co, bets in this case for an independent and renewable space! The windows and mobile panels offer the possibility of linking or isolating the kitchen according to the moment, since Paula chose a glass enclosure in this project. The dining room claims its space in the kitchen and she transforms it into an island or corner with comfortable padded benches.

As for the cabinets, the modular and customizable designs and the healthy, environmentally friendly materials are other of their signs of identity embodied here.

Budget: translucent sliding screens with textile glass (400 ? per m2).

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