Living room with open kitchen, ideas for creating a welcoming and functional space

For years the living room with open kitchen is an increasingly widespread trend in the field of interior design due to its extreme functionality and because it summarizes a lifestyle based on sharing of spaces and on hospitality.

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Houses of ever smaller sizes and the desire to spend the little free time available with the whole family have led to the growing demand for a single kitchen-living room.

Then discover many ideas and tips on how to furnish the living room overlooking the kitchen, in order to make the most of its peculiarities.

The advantages of a living room with an open kitchen

The advantages of creating a single open space that combines the living area with the kitchen are many.

This solution allows you to:

  • optimize spaces allowing a more functional and rational organization
  • make the apartments larger smaller thanks to the elimination of walls
  • improve and enhance lighting environments thanks to the removal of walls and doors that can limit the spread of natural light
  • create a flexible subdivision of spaces, welcoming and livable, which favors conviviality between people and allows you to move with fluidity.

Often then, instead of the room dedicated to the kitchen, a new bedroom can find a place. For this reason, the mixed living + kitchen solution is an excellent design idea in the event of a radical renovation of an apartment with a size that is not too large in which you want to have two bedrooms.

What to consider when creating a living room with an open kitchen

In the design of a living room with an open kitchen, in order to obtain a functional result, both aesthetically and harmonious, it is necessary to evaluate multiple factors.

If designing a kitchen is complex, defining a single common space that also includes the living area, where you can carry out different activities, can become a real challenge.

So, discover some tips to take into consideration:

  • measure the space available with care and start dividing what will be in charge of the kitchen and that of the living area. This operation is important to avoid creating an unbalanced environment where the kitchen and living area take up too much or little space.
  • use the furnishings as elements to divide the various areas, based on the space available, therefore consider islands, peninsulas, dining tables, self-supporting bookcases and sofas as elements to delimit the areas.
  • define a unique style according to your tastes and the rest of the home environment. In fact, it is important to furnish your living room in a harmonious way with the kitchen, since everything is visible. For example, don’t fall into the mistake of an ultra-modern kitchen overlooking a country-style living room.
  • choose the basic colors of the environment respecting the effective and simple rule 60-30-10. 60% of the environment must be dominated by a single color, 30% must be dedicated to the secondary color and the remaining 10% to an accent tone, the purpose of which is to make the whole less monotonous. The kitchen and living room must both follow a trio of common colors as if they were a single room.
  • first choose the kitchen and then the living room when buying furniture. It is the living area that must harmonize with the kitchen and not vice versa, as we are often led to believe.

Dimensions of the living room with open kitchen

The choice of creating a living room with an open kitchen is suitable for any type of environment, as long as you know how to decline it according to the size of the room.

The goal must always be that of a functional, comfortable environment, which allows you to move around in a fluid and natural way and perform all the functions typical of a living area. Cooking, being able to welcome those who live in the house alone or all together during meals and for social and convivial moments, doing leisure, study or work activities.

Living room with open kitchen of 20 sqm

The creation of an open space kitchen with living room represents a practical solution to especially enhance the smallest spaces, making them visually larger and more practical to live in.

Generally, when the room is small, it is preferable to:

  • choose a kitchen online to be placed along a single wall, possibly the one without windows. In this way it is possible to take full advantage of the wall to hang capacious wall units and furniture to store all the utensils intended for food preparation, dishes, food and small appliances.
  • large appliances, such as dishwashers and refrigerators, should be built-in and not free standing, so as not to visually burden the environment.
  • choose closed storage units and not open, so as not to increase the visual sense of disorder that can lead to the display of the contents through the glass of the doors.
  • do not divide the space with bookcases or other tall furniture so as not to suffocate the space and let the light pass.
  • prefer a single two-seater sofa or two armchairs to a larger, deeper model and perhaps with a peninsula.
  • arrange the TV and electronic accessories in a single container on the wall, preferably with sliding doors, so as not to give a sense of disorder.
  • recur to custom furniture, if possible, to take advantage of all the spaces and niches available, and occupy the entire floor-ceiling height to make better use of the space.

Kitchens and living rooms for small kitchen and living rooms

There Taormina cuisine of Veneto Furniture Center presents elegant and sinuous lines that make it perfect to be inserted even in the smallest environments. Made in a glossy or matte finish, it is available in six different colors.

The Kiss sofa of Centro Veneto del Mobile with its simple but soft lines, it is perfect to harmonize and balance the minimalism of the kitchen. This sofa is available in a wide color palette.

Living room with open kitchen of 30 sqm

An open space with living room and open kitchen of 30 square meters represents a large enough space to lend itself to a wider range of design solutions.

Here too, for an environment of this size, the suggestions are:

  • insert one semi-peninsula to be exploited as needed. This space can, in fact, be used for breakfast or as a practical worktop when cooking.
  • enter a dining table bigger if you prefer an in-line kitchen, perhaps to choose from a material that is visually not bulky like crystal.
  • use a double-sided, bridged or a medium-sized piece of furniture to emphasize and separate the two environments and to organize electronics and TV. It could act as a ‘visual’ divider between the two rooms if both have windows
  • arrange a larger sofa 3-seater for the relaxation and reading area

The equipped walls of the Dandy system of Veneto Furniture Center they are perfect for enhancing a small and bright living room, thanks to the minimally invasive lines, with a sober and elegant taste. They are characterized by the absence of handles, different finishes, a complete range of elements to be combined with each other to meet different compositional needs and a rather rich color chart.

Living room with open kitchen of 40 sqm

A large area is a perfect environment to have specific furnishings for the various functions.

  • place a kitchen with an island if you want to make the food preparation area more convivial, leave the containment part against the wall to take full advantage of the space. In addition to being practical and functional, the island represents an excellent solution to at least partially delimit spaces and, if its dimensions allow it, it can serve as a dining table.
  • divide the two rooms with a double-sided bookcase, if you opt for a linear kitchen. It will better hide the kitchen from the sight of those in the living room.
  • use a group of furniture to define a functional area, for example sofa and armchairs, to define the area for conversation and relaxation.

There Modena cuisine of Veneto Furniture Center it is characterized by refined and minimal lines, enhanced by the lack of handles.

The practical island can be composed in different configurations according to the needs and offers large drawers for storing dishes, pots and tablecloths. The beauty and functionality of this island can be further enhanced by the use of two different materials to visually separate the work area from the containment area.

Shape of the living room with open kitchen

The choice of furniture to be included in a living room with an open kitchen depends not only on the available square footage, but also on the shape of the environment.

The space and the relative arrangement of the furniture can, in fact, be optimized in different ways according to the shape, …


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