Sizes and characteristics of the French double bed

Buying guide for French bed, “Le Grand lit: ”From measurements to prices, to help you choose this type of double bed.

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  • 1 What is meant by a French bed
  • 2 Measures of the French bed
  • 3 Main features
  • 4 Reviews and offers of French bed

    • 4.1 Ikea French bed
    • 4.2 TV designed by Paola Navone
    • 4.3 Sun by Bolan Letti
    • 4.4 Net 80
    • 4.5 NextTrendstore
    • 4.6 VidaXl
  • 5 Other tips for decorating the bedroom

What is meant by a French bed

It is the classic double bed of our French kitchens and this type of bed is gaining an ever-increasing favor in Italy among the furniture choices.

It is in fact a smaller bed in width but equally long, a factor that can help in the case of bedrooms of not huge dimensions.

However, it allows you to comfortably accommodate two people and is perfect for those who sleep alone and want to count on a nice space, larger than the classic double bed.

Measurements of the French bed

It can be considered one middle way between the square and a half and the classic double and it is very often preferred by couples if the room that hosts it is small and there is a need to optimize the spaces.

The measurements of this double bed I’m: 140 × 200 cm.

It is a standard double bed smaller than Italian beds, because we must consider that the classic measures of the matrimonial are of 160 × 200.

Main features

What are the features of the bed to French?

Now that we have seen what its name means, closely related to the measures, we must consider that it must be chosen of good quality to enjoy a good rest and a healthy posture.

It must be accomplished with materials healthy is robust and equipped with a good system wooden slats and of networks.

On the market we can find many models, made in the most heterogeneous styles.

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From simple French beds made of natural wood to solutions in metal and ai wrought iron beds, there are many solutions that you can prefer.

Reviews and offers of French bed

In light of these characteristics we see some interesting ones examples to guide us in the purchase of this type of bed.

Ikea French bed

Let’s start with the catalog of the Swedish house where the proposals are many. We especially liked the Brinnes model.

From Ikea the Brigge proposal

  • It has several storage compartments which make it ideal if you live in a small house.
  • It is part of a series of Ikea beds with many smart and space-saving solutions.
  • It has a base with slats and measures 140 × 200 centimeters.
  • The price is around 250 euros.

TV designed by Paola Navone

The first proposal of double bed is called TV and boasts the design of Paola Navone.

French bed TV

This is a heavily padded bed refined, also available in many other sizes, with feet in aluminum Anodised is drugs in wood.

Completely removable cover in its textile portions, this French bed offers a design fresh and dry, dedicated to rooms modern.

Sun of Bolan Beds

An example of French textile bed very Interesting, pleasant in its own aesthetics minimal is healthy in the cotton lining.

The Bolan Letti model

Simple but incisive, this bed boasts a keyboard with stitching special it comes in one scenographic shade of blue.

The Sun line

Net 80

This model from the Gervasoni catalog is a French bed that boasts a delicate ethnic appeal, because it is made of tiger pulut.

Net 80 by Gervasoni

Light is caramelized in its aesthetic form, this French bed is ideal for children environments fresh and for those who need enlarge optically the space available.


Those looking for a model of very simple and minimal French bed can count on the solution of NextTrendstore made in wood, complete with drugs, networks is mattress futon.

Nice and simple, this one bed can possibly be worked on with DIY to make it more personal and is proposed to the cost of 179.99 EUR.

You can find it here on offer on Amazon:

AVANTI TRENDSTORE – Jacub – French Bed with Mattress and Slatted Base Included, Dimensions: Lap 146x76x206 cm (White-Gray)

Price: € 306.34


And finally, those looking for a scenographic French bed and who ‘makes an impression’ can rely on the solution of VidaXl, very futuristic and of impact.

It is a bed made in different materials, strong to boast a beautiful color black deep and a game graphic white on the side.

Dedicated to those who love a more modern furniture, this one bed is proposed to cost of about 250 EUR.

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