evoluzione del letto matrimoniale

Guide to the evolution of the double bed: styles and models for every need

Here is our guide to choosing a double bed: from the traditional wooden model to the innovative and original futon, passing through new materials and solutions. space-saving container beds.

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  • 1 Evolution in materials
  • 2 Style and design
  • 3 Double bed sizes
  • 4 Convenience and space-saving
  • 5 Double bed with storage unit
  • 6 More affordable prices
  • 7 Offers on Amazon
  • 8 Modern double beds
  • 9 Other tips for choosing a bed

Evolution in materials

The history ofevolution of this type of bed it is a long journey that has seen this furnishing component protagonist over the last few years.

Nowadays the double bed is one of the elements that has undergone the most stylistic and material contaminations.

There were two materials of choice for beds that were strong, sturdy and designed to last over time.

  • The bed was made in wood, with high banks,
  • or was it a read in iron beaten.

Today the wood instead it is the preferred material, warm and durable.

The metal has been overshadowed over time, in favor of plastic alloys new generation such as:

  • resins
  • coated structures with fabrics,
  • skins is ecological leathers.

Style and design

Evolution has turned to comfort and certainly al design. The bed is a mirror of the tastes of the inhabitants, because he knows how to endorse any trend with his style.

From the choice modern to inspiration Contemporary, from the vintage to the rustic, up to the desire to recreate interesting settings industrial is shabby chic.

The stylistic purpose is achieved with the creation of a bed to hire linear shapes is defined in the case of contemporary beds.

I am instead soft and inspired by the past the shapes classic and taste oriented rustic.

The materials also follow the design, with contemporary beds that reveal lacquering and illuminated sections. The shabby beds are inspired by the eternal beauty of wood while the classic ones know how to blend the wood with metal echoes.

Measurements of the double bed

The matrimonial typically measure of 180 x 200 cm.

From the United States, non-standard sizes are also becoming popular with us:

  • queen size 152X 203cm.
  • king size 193 × 203cm

You will find other details for various types of bed here: how to choose the bed or in this in-depth study dedicated to the measures of the double bed.

Comfort and space-saving

Strong and convincing was theevolution in the search for comfort, which prompted the double bed to become a real shelter, equipped with so many comfort and designed to meet the needs.

Here is born the double bed with the upholstered headboard, with sections of rests arms and systems of lighting also integrated.

The bed also crossed the Italian borders for be inspired by Eastern Countries.

And that’s how the futon, of Japanese-inspired systems. They exploit low structures It’s rigid for a complete and beneficial rest for the body.

Double bed with container

More and more solutions are looking to safeguard of the space.

  • This is the bed with container, a solution that allows the bedding.
  • In this way, order and rigor are also ensured in the room, solving the problems of limited space.

More affordable prices

And finally, it is important to note that theevolution of design has turned to accessibility. Once the cost of the bed was important to bear but today the rules have changed.

Thanks to the advent of big brands such as Ikea, Maison Du Monde or Convenience world (just to name a few of the most famous), the inhabitants can search for proposals beautiful, comfortable and pleasant without spending a fortune. All this can be combined with solutions of rooms is beautiful bedrooms is harmonious.

The furniture revolution has therefore allowed even those who did not have strong economic foundations to furnish home with love, inspired by different tastes and having a double bed consistent with their stylistic choices.

Offers on Amazon

For example, here are some models on offer on Amazon

Festnight Modern Slatted Double Bed Structure with LED White and Black / Gray Eco-leather Covering, Modern Single Bed in Eco-leather, Eco-Leather Double Bed 90/120/140/160 / 180×200 cm

Zinus Suzanne – French Double Bed with Metal and Wood Headboard, 140x190cm vidaXL Solid Wood Pine Bed Frame Classic Elegant Sturdy Structure Dark Brown Bed Frame 160×200 cm with Plywood Slatted Headboard

Price: € 130.05

Availability is very wide, you can find them here:

Modern double beds

All the proposals selected for you in this specific study.

Other tips for choosing a bed

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