Retractable study corner: ideas and tips for smartworking

In small houses, thefoldaway study corner it is the optimal option for those who want to always have the house in order, once they have finished working and studying.

The rooms that are best suited for creating a retractable study corner are the living room and the bedroom. The solutions to be able to create it are so many. Let’s see together some very useful ones in time of smartworking.

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  • 2 Some solutions
  • 3 Retractable study corner: wardrobe
  • 4 Retractable study corner: folding top and shelf
  • 5 Retractable study corner: mobile
  • 6 Sliding door
  • 7 Retractable study corner: under the stairs
  • 8 Retractable study corner: Ikea
  • 9 More tips for your home office

Retractable study corner: why it is useful

Those who are not lucky enough to have a room used as a study, to work and study must make do as they can. But being on the sofa with the PC on your lap or always having the kitchen table covered with papers and documents is not exactly the best.

The creation of a retractable study corner is very useful because it allows you to:

  • do not leave paperwork and various documents lying around the house
  • have a space all to yourself used for study or work
  • work properly without doing too much damage to your back and legs

Some solutions

From recovering a niche or a under the stairs where to place a resealable table, to the storage cabinet, there are so many solutions to create a retractable study corner.

Without making big plans, just sharpen your wits and imagination!

Let’s see the simplest solutions to implement.

Retractable study corner: wardrobe

In the bedroom, nothing better than to take advantage of thewardrobe to create a compartment where to insert a desk, the important thing is that there is a depth of at least 55 cm and electrical sockets that are easy to reach.

Is the wardrobe built into the wall and you want to use it all, even in height? Just insert some shelves on which to place, books, folders, stationery items and so on.

Retractable study corner: folding top and shelf

Now also present in some beds suitable for children’s bedrooms, the folding top is an excellent opportunity to obtain space for studying and reading.

Is there an untapped recess in the house? It can become your study corner by simply equipping it with a folding top positioned about 72 cm from the ground and many shelves. And for really fine work, just hide the home office behind one swing door.

If you have a free wall, perhaps a long corridor, the cheapest solution may be to create one shelf – also using suitably finished pallets – and place it at about 80/90 centimeters from the ground.

Retractable study corner: mobile

More elaborate idea designed for DIY enthusiasts. In fact, the idea is to build from scratch a piece of furniture equipped with shelves and storage compartments, and then equip it with wheels to be able to move it according to needs.

When the cabinet is open, this is the suitably secluded work-study area, when closed it transforms into a purely aesthetic volume, decorated as desired.

Sliding door

In the living room or in the bedroom, the study corner will magically disappear behind one sliding door on visible track. Of any material, the door can be customized depending on whether you want a discreet result, which integrates with the rest of the environment or a more impactful effect.

Retractable study corner: under the stairs

The under the stairs it is usually a “wasted” space. With a custom-made system with sliding doors it is also possible to camouflage the corner equipped as a desk.

The panels that act as doors are offered in many different materials and finishes to obtain the ‘total shielding’ or translucent effect.

It can also remain open as in the case of the photo you find below.

Retractable study corner: Ikea

Once you have chosen the position to create your retractable study corner, just let yourself be inspired by the numerous furnishing solutions on the market. Ikea offers countless accessories to be assembled in order to give life to any solution. Here are some complements you can consider.

  • LIDKULLEN it is an active stool which, thanks to the particular mechanism, keeps the body in constant motion, strengthening the muscles and the spine and promoting a correct posture. On sale at 79.00 euros.
  • For a more classic seat there is instead LOBERGET / MALSKÄR, swivel chair with cushion, white or black / dark gray at the price of 30.00 euros.
  • There MICKE desk, simple and linear, has a convenient and clever opening on the bottom panel that allows you to hide the cables. On sale at the price of 80.00 euros.
  • More traditional HEMNES, white desk measuring 155 × 65 cm. Price € 259.00 Using the walls and leaving the floor free is ideal when space is very limited.
  • The solution with SVALNÄS, bamboo shelf, is the perfect choice for small environments. Combination of wall shelves, bamboo 66x25x176 cm at 86.00 euros.

More tips for your home office

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