Wooden boxes for decoration – Interior and exterior decoration

For a few years now, the recycling-based decoration. That is, taking everyday objects and giving them a new use, even if it is not the use for which they were created. If there are versatile objects for make our own furniture are the wooden boxesas we have seen in previous articles.

Wooden boxes for decoration

What many readers tell us is that they often find it difficult to get these types of boxes, and it is true that they are not always possible to find them and in good condition. That’s why we found the new collection of boxes of very muchwith which we can join this DIY furniture trend (do it yourself).

Depending on how we use them we will get different results. We can pile them up or hang them up. The truth is that we love the added value that furniture made by our own hands.



We can get from an auxiliary furniture to place ornaments in the living room to a storage cabinet, where to keep dishes, for example.


We love wooden boxes with lids, because we can use them as trunk to store clothes or other objects such as family photos, souvenirs, etc. And that’s because the chest decoration is also a trend.


In children’s bedrooms they can be very useful. Hanging on the wall they can become shelves for some toys and decorations, as well as we can arrange them in a corner for the children to keep their toys.



They may also be the detail we needed in the bathroom. The warmth that wood brings is always a plus, especially when we want to achieve a rustic.


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