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Today we’re back to talking about something we love, the decoration with wooden pallets. We really like the Low Cost decoration and, if you’re a follower of EstiloyDeco you’ve seen a lot of proposals to decorate with these pallets.

More proposals with pallets or wooden platforms

Yes, it’s true, it feels like you’ve seen it all, but in reality you haven’t. While side tables, armchairs, desks and beds are repeated over and over again, the particular DIY furniture is that each one is different from the other. As much as we have two tables made out of pallets, they hardly look the same.

Pallet beds are very interesting. Although there are many who are reluctant to think about this alternative, there are more and more images that we find on the net with beautiful beds and, strikingly enough, more and more children’s beds made with pallets. Below we can see some proposals:



The truth is that you can achieve wonderful results. These beds made with wooden floorboards are ideal for a beach or weekend house, although they can also go very well for an apartment in the city.

As we saw some time ago in an article where we showed 8 ideas with recycled doorsHere we see how these two elements have been combined: wooden pallets and an old door. Everything is possible in the world of DIY furniture, it just takes a little imagination…


Sofa beds are also a classic in the pallet decoration. We love this proposal, a sofa bed in the garden, ideal for taking a nap under the gallery or some tree. They are also very useful to have an extra bed for when we receive guests.


The living room furniture made with pallets are one of the most popular. As for armchairs, there are hundreds of alternatives, as well as coffee tables. And we loved this table with storage space underneath, ideal to keep everything in order and to have at hand the things we may need in the room.



And if there’s one thing we love, it’s paintings made from pallets. Like this one where the only detail is those 3 stars, ideal for a rustic hall. You can actually play and do everything. You can leave them in their natural color or paint them. Anything goes!

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