Ideas for decorating with wooden barrels – Interior and exterior decoration

Those who like environments or rustic details I’m sure you’ll love these ideas for decorating with wooden barrels. Yes, it is true, they are not so easy to get, but we cannot deny that they have a special charm, and those who are lucky enough to find at least one of these elements will be truly lucky.

Ideas for decorating with wooden barrels

Unlike the wooden pallets and the cable drumsMany people are lucky enough to get them for free or for very little money, but this is not the case for wooden barrelsbecause we can hardly find one of these on the street.

Most probably we will have to pay for them and surely they will not be very economical as we would like, so we can’t say that they are “low cost” decoration, but they are recycling applied to decorationAnd as we said before, we cannot deny how practical they are and even more so if we seek to give them a rustic air.

They are ideal for decorating exteriors. For example, at open-air parties, they could look very good with floral arrangements in certain areas.

Flowers in recycled barrels

And if garden decoration These will look beautiful like flowerpots, especially with different colored flowers. What do you think of the proposals?

Pot with recycled barrel

Pot with barrel

And if there’s one thing we loved, it’s this barrel water fountain. Yes, it is true that this requires a certain degree of skill and knowledge, but it is also true that we can turn to some knowledgeable person. What can’t be denied is how beautiful it looks.

Water source made from recycled barrels

Perhaps one of the most frequent uses of wooden barrels in the decoration is the one with the tables. It could be a small table for the terracea larger table for a rustic villa and they even look good in bars or rustic pubs.

Table with wooden barrel

And if you thought there were no more places to use them, it’s because you haven’t seen them in bathrooms. Yeah, look how good they look as a vanity or sink unit. Here we have two examples, one suspended and one that reaches the floor, obviously with storage space.

Washbasin with wooden barrel

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