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We love the DIY simple, those that can be done with very little money (sometimes with nothing) and give excellent results. We can do handicrafts with old bottlesThe use of glass containers or even stones is also possible. Yeah, just like you read. Here are some of them ideas for decorating with stones. You’ll be surprised at the nice, simple things you can do with them.

Nice and simple ideas for decorating with stones

We can, for example, take a lot of stones and make beautiful placemats or carpets to place our household. I’m sure our lunches and dinners won’t be the same when we have this precious accessory. We’ll need a few things, such as a wooden board, some glue and flat stones. The result may be similar to what we see in these images.

Once we have the base, whether it’s recycled wood from a piece of furniture, or buying a custom-made board from a sawmill (it doesn’t have to cost us much money), and enough stones, we are ready to let our imagination run wild! The stones, besides being available in rivers or different places, can also be bought. The craft shops usually have a great variety of stones selected by shapes and colors.

Single with stones

Ideas for decorating with stones

We love the decorative stones. We love the idea of placing some stones in glass containers, which could be glasses or any other, fill them with water, add a flower and place a candle on them. Maybe this is a economical idea to decorate your Christmas table.

Centerpiece with stones

Another option is to create beautiful artificial plants. Do you like cactus but don’t have time to take care of them? No problem. Try to find a few elongated stones whose shape reminds you precisely of this plant. Take a pot with soil, paint your stones as if they were beautiful green cactus. The effect, as we see, is really quite lovely. A different artificial plant. This is one of the ideas for decorating with stones that we like the most!

Cactus with painted stones

Painted stones

Finally we can create games with stones. One of those that help us pass the time, ideal for a rainy weekend; and the world of imagination is that fascinating. A pile of stones can easily be turned into beautiful tokens to play tic-tac-toe (or Ta, Te, Ti), that game we all enjoyed when we were little and could now share with children in a self-made version.

Three in a row with stones

You're not even in the stones.

Dominoes made of stones

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