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The tables can help us give our rooms personality. We can look for decorative pictures of a thousand reasons and materials, but today we will talk about an option that we love, the pictures made of wood. Printed or painted boards that give our home a special warmth. Ideal for lovers of the Low Cost decoration.

Decorate with wooden squares

Wood is a noble material that looks really good with any kind of decoration. It is true that the more rustic environments can benefit more from the natural warmth it gives off, but let’s not hold back if our house is decorated in any other style, as it will surely adapt very well.

Among the options that we like the most we find, for example, the pictures made with pallets. Paintings that do not want to hide the variety of boards that form their surface. In these we can print or paint the motifs that we like, from large maps or a beautiful pin up girl.

Pictures in wood

Pin up girl in wooden box

We can also use small pieces of wood to paint lovely motifs such as a beautiful old bicycle or an inspiring flying dandelion. Designs like these would give our salon the personal touch it was missing.

Picture made in wood

Dandelion, wooden frame

For those who are skilled with their hands and like handicraftsIf you are a professional, an excellent option could be to strip some of these boards and add nice accessories such as stars or even place tables with photographs. No doubt a different way of presenting these lovely boards.

DIY picture made in wood

Wooden pictures

We love the idea of using these paintings, on a large scale, as bed headboard. We can choose a beautiful landscape and let the wood embrace our bed.

DIY headboard with wooden boards

Besides, we can’t deny that we are frankly fascinated by these messages. Using wooden planks we can create positive message boxes and nice to get up and smile at every morning.

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