More ideas for furniture made from wooden pallets – Interior and exterior decoration

And if, it is true, no matter how hard we try, we cannot resist wooden pallets and all the things we can do with them. And this is not only because we love them, but also because our readers and followers on social networks keep asking for more and more. So we thought it would be good to share more ideas for furniture made from wooden pallets.

More ideas for furniture made from pallets

The truth is that at this point it is difficult to find something new, something we have never seen before, but the truth is that the furniture made of pallets have, precisely, the characteristic of being unique. We can see 10 tables made of wood planks and they’ll all be different, and it couldn’t be otherwise, because it’s DIY furniture (self-made), true handcrafted furniture.

If there is a classic among the things you can do with recycled pallets are the outdoor furniture, and we’re referring mainly to the armchairs. Generally these garden seats wouldn’t say much on their own, and that’s where the cushions and the fabric make a difference.

Chairs made of wooden pallets

For example, in the following image we see a beautiful table with benches, ideal for a open-air dining room. What ends up giving it personality and style are those cushions in green and blue. We can do wonders with the fabrics in the decoration, playing with the colors and prints.

Garden table and benches with pallets

Continuing with the outdoor environmentsAnother of the many things we can do with these wooden platforms are the typical vertical gardensIdeal for small courtyards or balconies, precisely because of the upward flow of space. And if we don’t have even a small balcony, vertical gardens can also be interesting to have indoor plants.

Vertical garden with wooden pallets

Another idea we loved is this mobile bar. As it has wheels we can move it from here to there, so it will be suitable for use in interiors such as patios or gardens.

Bar made of wooden pallets

The coffee tables with pallets are another classic, and as we said at the beginning, we may see hundreds of ideas on the internet, but they are all different. If we like it more rustic we can give it an aged touch, or we can paint it in some bright color with oil paint.

Vintage style coffee table with pallets

Coffee table with wooden platform

Continuing with the salon, we loved this bookcase. We actually found it very nice and practical. And the idea of painting it in 3 different shades of blue gives it that special touch. If you like to read, you will surely welcome this proposal.

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