Custom Kitchen Tidy Flasks – Interior and Exterior Decoration

The DIY today is dedicated, especially, to those who love to have the tidy kitchenThe same applies to those people who need to have each ingredient in a container, for example: rice, flour, yeast etc. It’s all about creating at home, and quite simply and economically, Customized glass jars so that you can have your ingredients and food in order and with your own personal style.

Customized jars to order the kitchen

The first thing we have to do is get the materials for this DIYThese are quite common in homes, so you should have no problem getting them, except for contact paper, or transparent paper with an adhesive side, which you will probably find in a bookstore.

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We will need scissors, PC and printer (inkjet or laser), contact paper (transparent paper to print with adhesive on the back) and, of course, the glass jars (these can be recycled as well as those sold in the shops).

Step by step:

Once we have all the materials, the first thing we’ll do is go to our computer and, in a text editor, start testing fonts. If we don’t like the fonts we have by default, we can always look for and download nice fonts from websites like, where we can download them for free. This will take some time, more if we are undecided, but the truth is that we will find great variety, and depending on the typeface we choose our work will look more beautiful.

Print on adhesive paper

Once we have the font we were looking for, then we will have to define what we will write for personalize our glass boat. The idea is not to fall into the usual. While we’re at it, instead of just putting “Sugar”, we could look for something more original, different and fun. They could be anything from motivational phrases to sayings to funny things that make our day.

Transparent adhesive paper

Printed text on contact paper

When we have the text ready in the computer, we only have to put the transparent paper with adhesive from the back in our printer. We must pay attention to how to place it, because not all printers print the same and we could end up with the ink on the part of the adhesive, which we do not want to happen. Another thing to take into account is that before buying the adhesive paper we have to check what type of printer we have, inkjet (ink jet) or laser, because not all these papers are suitable for all printers.

Customized container

Once we have done this, we will have to cut correctly and without having many unevennesses so that it does not look bad, that although it is transparent, something can be noticed, and finally we will be able to glue them in our beautiful glass jars. We can do as many labels as we can think of. Once you learn how to do them you will see how easy it is, and you will be able to have a tidy kitchenwhich I’m sure you’ll appreciate. How about it? You dare to try?

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