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Today we will talk about a classic in the low-cost decorationthe wooden boxes, those great discoveries that have come to our house in a thousand different ways. Want to know a little more? We help inspire you, discover these 6 different ideas for decorating your home with boxes.

6 ideas for decorating with boxes

The wooden boxes can be a great place to store things; and in the end, a box is a box and its use is precisely that, to store things. This way, we can use them in any room of our house, such as the living room, to store all kinds of things, such as blankets or even magazines, and if we put wheels on them it will be much better.

These same boxes can be used as a side table with space inside. Nice tables to place next to a sofa or even as a bedside table.

Side table with wooden box

We love the wooden boxes for decorationEspecially when they take on such fun functions as this, upholster the top and make a great stool with room inside for blankets and so on. Very similar to what we saw a few days ago in our article “Decorate your house with trunks“.

Wooden boxes for decoration

In addition, these boxes can be grouped together on the walls to create a nice wooden shelf on which to place decorative objects or perhaps the keys. foyer can also gain a lot from this outfit.

Rustic hall with wooden boxes

The most rustic and strongest wooden boxes can serve us, perfectly, as storage space for the kitchen. If you’re a lover of the open shelves, you’re going to love this option. A way to keep our best stuff in sight.

Low Cost Kitchen Storage

Finally, although they are not made of wood, we love this example of boxed furniture plastic. One of those recycled furniture that really gives this room a lot of play, don’t you think?

DIY furniture with plastic boxes

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