10 ideas with recycled cable reels – Interior and exterior decoration

If you’re one of our regular readers, you must know how much we love the recycling and everything to do with skimp on the money. And if low-cost decoration We speak, the stars, undoubtedly, are the wooden pallets or platforms, although they are not the only resource we have. This time we will talk about the cable reels, a very interesting element to make DIY furniture. Next we will give you 10 ideas with recycled cable drums.

10 ideas with recycled cable drums

The cable drumsAs we said, they are another very interesting element to recycle and give it a new use, either functional or decorative. Among the most frequent uses are tables made of cable reelsDepending on the size of the table, we can get a larger or smaller table. But that’s not all, we can do a lot more. Keep reading and you’ll be amazed at the different uses you can make of these reels.

We can choose to leave the wood natural, which will provide a rustic touch and even very suitable for industrial style decorations. But we can also paint them and, why not, even cover their surface with a sticker or collage. On the market we can find interesting decorative vinyl as well.



In addition, with one of these reels or spools of cable, we can get a small table for the terrace or balcony. Like the one below, where the distinctive touch is the chairs of different colours.


We also like it as a table for the garden, even with space to put an umbrella, especially on summer days when the sun hits very hard.


And if we’re talking about tables, we shouldn’t forget about side tables. We loved this one with the light inside. Very nice effect to decorate our patio or garden at night.


The bedside tables are also a classic when it comes to decorate with recycled cable reels. In this case they’ve split it down the middle. An excellent idea to get two bedside tables from the same reel. An excellent economical alternative and very original at the same time.


We can also transform it into a seat, as in this case, a nice and practical armchair to sit in the galleryWhat do you think of the idea?

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