Ideas with recycled doors. Decoration with little money.

Today we’re back in business with the recycling. This time we focus on old or disused doors. These elements can also be reused to become beautiful pieces for our home, as we saw some time ago in our article “.Low Cost Decoration: Recycle Doors and Windows“. We cannot deny that these are pieces with personality, the kind we like so much, and at the same time, taking into account that they were going to be discarded, a good economic resource for decoration. Let’s see how you like these ideas with recycled doors.

8 ideas with recycled doors

The old doors Mallorcan style can be great recycled parabens. We only have to take a little care in painting them and their natural shape and structure will make them a great element of division in our dining room, a real DIY screen. By the way, we recently shared an article with ideas for cleverly separating environments.

Shelves with recycled doors

Glass doors can also be reused. Especially those that originally had several glasses. These doors, by removing their glass, will have some very interesting spaces in which to place shelves and thus achieve a beautiful Shelf for our dining room, bedroom or wherever we can think of.


One old door of well-treated wood, perhaps with a coat of paint and stripping, can be the perfect backdrop for a bacon table. This composition will be ideal in our foyerand it has become a unique element loaded with personality. As you can see in the picture, we can get a kind of functional furniture, a small table with a shelf.


Ideas with recycled doors: tables

One of the most interesting options is to turn an old door into a table. We can use them in kitchens and dining rooms, depending on their size. They are ideal, as they can be painted in any colour. We’ll just need some legs, which may well be easels, and a few chairs. And if we want to innovate, we could add different chairsto give more dynamism to the decoration.




Bed headboards made with recycled doors

The doors can also be perfectly adapted as bed heads. A very original way to go to sleep. In the following image we see a good example of DIY headboard. In this case it is a children’s bedroom, but we can do the same in the main bedrooms, perhaps in the latter the ideal is to arrange the door horizontally. It’s just a matter of testing.


Coffee tables with recycled doors

Just like coffee tables made from wooden pallets, these old doors can come in handy for the same purpose. Maybe not with entrance doors, but with smaller furniture doors. We can even cut a large table in two, to create a nice low coffee table. Without a doubt, any of these ideas will be ideal to reuse an object that in many occasions, when it ages, tends to be wasted and thrown away. Let’s bet on the recycling decoration.


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