Decorate with wooden boxes – Interior and exterior decoration

Decorate with wooden boxes can be an interesting option if what we are looking for is skimp on the moneyThese boxes, like the ones we see in the fruit and vegetable stands, can become that piece of furniture that attracts attention in our dining room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. One more element that we can also customize with our own hands.

Decorate with wooden boxes

The wood allows us to paint and decorate these boxes as we like. We can, for example, sand them down and paint them white, giving them an aged finish, although the most skillful with the brushes can get their courage up and make real works of art, adding floral elements or any other idea they can think of.

We can leave them in their natural state, varnishing them a little so that the colour of the wood attracts more attention. One more option paperback but it also gives excellent results.



As for their use, the truth is that they can be many. We can use these wooden boxes as bedside tables. If they are also boxes with a top, we can devise a kind of trunk to put clothes or some of our personal items inside.


We can use these boxes as shelves, stacking some of them so that we find a practical space in which to leave our books, decorative objects and so on.


It is also possible to use them as side tables in dining rooms, an ideal place to store magazines or put decorative centerpieces.



Finally, these types of boxes can be the ideal place for our children to leave their toys, as we saw in the article where we shared “Original and economical ideas for storing toys“. They can learn to organize their room with one of these fun boxes, which, if we add wheels, can be moved around the house.

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