Things you can do with a cloth – Interior and exterior decoration

While it’s true that wool remains one of the great favorites in the world DIYThe trapillo also known as “totora“Every day it gains more followers. It is a material with impeccable aesthetic results. A product that is easy to use, while also economic and ecological.

Things you can do with a rag

The cloth itself is a material that results from the surplus fabric of those who make clothing or textiles for the home, you can buy or even do it ourselves at home with skill. What can be done with this cloth? We can, for example, knit crochet all kinds of solutions for our home. The good thing about this product is the colours and combinations that we can achieve, making it quite easy to weave.

One of the favorite creations of those who use this material is carpets. Although, if we’re good at crocheting we can do the unimaginable. In our article “Ideas for decorating with crochet“You will find articles that you could make with a trapillo.



We can also create armchairs and places to sit. A comfortable blanket to rest on that will also look really good in any room of the house.



The coldest ones can be dedicated to blanket weaving and even cushions so you can take endless naps in front of the stove or fireplace. Blankets that will warm but also give a very different touch to our rooms; and that is that the cloth is, above all, of the most aesthetic.



If we are lovers of table centresIf you want, we can create a cloth bowl in which to place all kinds of elements, such as dried pineapples, stones or even make a center with candles. Obviously these baskets can be made bigger and even serve as a beach bag, it all depends on the time and the desire we have.



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