Where to place the safe in the house

Do you know where to place the safe in the house? The best places are certainly the most sheltered ones, but also the tight spaces that do not allow you to move freely. Here are all the details and useful tips for even more safety!


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The safe is one of the objects that must guarantee greater safety. In fact, it contains all the precious possessions and assets that we want to keep.

It must be emphasized that today everyone the models are studied right down to the smallest detail to be how much more safe possible. Eg they are built with materials that are difficult to break and many are also fireproof.

However, is always do not put the safe in a visible place and look for areas in the house that are a little more sheltered in which to hide it.


Types of safes

Before figuring out which are the best places in the house to put the safe, it is important to underline that there can be several types. In particular, they are distinguished according to the installation method and the opening method.

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As for the installation, we can find the walled safe and the external one. As for the opening method, however, there are those that open with a combination and those that need to a key.


Walled safe

The walled safe is very safety, but it is not easy to install it as it needs to be cemented into a wall. This it must be even enough often in order to contain the safe e there must be no cables and pipes that pass at that point. However, masonry work is essential if you want to opt for this solution.


External safe

The external safeinstead, it must not be cemented inside a wall, but comes only fixed to the wall with clamps and chemical plugs. Generally it is placed inside a cupboard or of another closed cabinet.


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Combination safe

Combination safes are opened by entering a code. This can be a numerical sequence to be typed on an electronic keypad, but also to be entered mechanically by moving particular discs or knobs.

As a suggestion there is that of do not use predictable codes, such as the date of birth or the telephone number. Others safes, on the other hand, they open with a fingerprint.


Key safe

The key safe is one of the more traditional models. In this case, it’s fine to find a hiding place secret too for the appropriate key and avoid making too many duplicates.

Also, even if it is inconvenient to have to fetch it every time you have to open the safe, we recommend that you hide the key somewhere other than the safe.


Place the safe in a narrow corridor or corner

A safe place for a safe, it means not only a place in which it is difficult to find it, but also one that results uncomfortable for any malicious people who try to open it.

We are talking about tight spaces, such as for example a corridor o also a angle. Indeed, it must be considered that thieves will have little freedom of movement e Sara very more difficult to break in.

Particularly if they use a crowbar or other type of lever, they will not have enough space to print the correct pressure and find the right angle.

Furthermore also if they wanted to try to break through, they would not be able to use the necessary force considering there is the wall so close.


Place the safe at the correct height

Regardless of where you decide to place the safe, it is also very important to place it at the right height. The recommended one is approximately at eye level.

In this way for you it will be very comfortable and practical open it, but whoever wants to try to force it will find instead not a few difficulty.


Place the safe in the right area

Another important tip is to place the safe in a sheltered but not completely isolated place. For example, it is not recommended to put it in a rumpus room where possible thieves could move around undisturbed.

However, it shouldn’t even be placed in a very busy room such as the kitchen or the living room, it would be too exposed if you want to take something and there are people in the house.

The best area of the House where to put the safe is for example the bedroom, but also a study. In short, of the more private rooms, but anyway easily accessible for you.


Generic advice

Finally, there are some small steps you can take for greater safety. For example, you can think of to install well two safes, so as not to concentrate all your belongings in the same place.

It might seem trivial, but one of the most important tips you can give is to do not spread the word that there is a safe in the house. Always remember that the fewer people know, the better.

Where to place the safe in the house

Where to place the safe at home: pictures and photos

In the following gallery there are several pictures of safes. In fact, there are several models. Browse the photos to see them all and to find out which are the ideal hiding places in the house.


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