Mistakes to avoid when growing plants indoors: 5 helpful tips

If you love to surround yourself with plants, but can’t make them grow lush and strong, discover with us the mistakes to avoid when growing plants indoors. Everything you absolutely must not do: ready to take notes? Forget about dry leaves or withered flowers too quickly.

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If browsing the newspapers or taking a trip around the web you notice interesting ideas to give your home that green touch, but you just can’t, do not fear! You are in the right place at the right time. We have compiled a small vademecum for you to follow and you will discover that the green thumb does not exist, just follow a few simple rules.

Anthurium, orchid, dracaena, cyclamen, ficus, log of happiness, they will have no more secrets for you, from A to Z. Trust our advice and decorate with greenery. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this journey with us from Casa e giardino.

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1. Not knowing your plants

First of all, to have the opportunity to better take care of your beloved plants, start by knowing their origin. Whether it’s a tropical or arctic plant, there’s a big difference. Indeed, the climate they come from will affect your good habits around the house.

Put a nice succulent plant that everyone suggests buying to enrich the interiors but above all for the ease of maintenance and little care they deserve, but still the right one! It will be enough to stop for just a moment to reflect on the climate from which they come, to fully understand the real needs of your plants.

This is precious time that will pay off as you go. In this case, desert climate = dry soil: they love the heat but don’t be watered often. And speaking of water, did you know that too much watering is the leading cause of death for your houseplants? Read more in the next paragraph.


2. Too much water

Yep, according to some research on this, we water our plants too much. We all start from one assumption: nourish them and the nourishment, as we know, for our plants also passes from here. But there is nothing more wrong. Each plant has a different need and water absorption capacity.

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As a general rule, the thicker the leaves, the more water they will need. The thinner they will be, the more easily they will dry out: gives them the right amount of water per day. If, for example, you give your succulent water once a week, it means that it will meet certain death: once a month will be more than enough. Let’s move on to the third mistake.


3. Too much light

Plants they are born in nature and therefore they need light, lots of light but attention also in this case it is a must to make some distinctions. Finding the right position in your apartment is the goal to achieve, in the shortest possible time we will add, and so they will grow tall and lush.

That they need light, though, it does not exactly mean that they should be placed in direct light. In fact, it could cause damage by burning the most delicate leaves. A reflection of light on the wall or next to the window is the optimum for many, especially in summer or in areas where the climate is often hot and stuffy.

Table side the window and plants pot

4. Change of position frequently

If, as we have anticipated, the secret of your green thumb also lies in the ideal location of your plants in the house. This means that once they have found the ideal habitat in a room, they do not need to be moved anymore. They could be strongly affected by a sudden or continuous change.

Every time you move your plant you destabilize them as they have to readjust in search of perfect balance. If they show no signs of impatience and suffering, leave them where they are.


5. Don’t take care of it

One last mistake that we often, unknowingly, do is that of not treating them sufficiently. What do you mean? We let the dry leaves stay on the plants and fall by themselves when, with a small gesture, we could guarantee the new little leaves to grow better and faster.

We leave water in the saucer causing the roots to rot on which the general well-being of the plant depends and, speaking of this, how often do we check if the roots are suffering or not? Did you know that they grow like the plant? Observe them too and replace the vase if it is no longer large enough to accommodate them or if they appear too tangled. Get into these good habits and your plants will thank you.


Mistakes to avoid when growing plants indoors: photos and pictures

These we have just highlighted are just some of the most frequent mistakes to avoid when growing plants at home. Apply them properly and you will see that the results will not be long in coming. Finally, remember never to make compulsive purchases of plants but always choose the one that best suits the climate of your home and your needs.

Before you leave, take a last look at the gallery of images that follows to memorize the basic steps and breathe the air of home.


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