Tricks for more light at home

Everyone likes a bright house, but unfortunately not all of them are. Fortunately, there are tricks to get more light in the house. More than anything else, these are simple tricks that can really make a difference. This is what we are talking about!


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Everyone wants to have a home how much more bright possible. Some are lucky enough to be in a particularly privileged position where the sun illuminates them perfectly. Others, on the other hand, are located in slightly darker areas.

Anyway, there are some tricks very simple that you can use in any case to have more light in the house. These are simply small adjustments.

Eg, the choice and arrangement of the furniture can make a difference. Also materials that are used are fundamental because some, like glass, they are particularly reflective.


Choose large windows

If you have the possibility to choose what type of windows to have in the house, opt for of the large windows. These are the first secret to having more light in the house. In fact, they are the ones that most of all allow the sun’s rays to filter through and to illuminate your rooms.

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Another useful trick in this case is to choose stained glass windows with a simple structure. This way, most of the window will be glass and more light will enter the house. For the same reason, moreover, we suggest the models with sliding lift.

Finally, one last useful tip regarding stained glass is that of keep them always clean. It might seem trivial, but instead it is always very important to point out that a shining glass will let in more light in home.


Use light curtains

A very simple thing to do to have more light in the house is do not use the blinds. These, in fact, are able to make a room totally dark. The same goes for the taxes. Leave them always well open to allow the light to filter through freely.

If you want some privacy, favorite Rather of the curtains. These can also add an extra touch to your room. Attention, however, to choose a fabric particularly light. For the windowsAlso, remember to prefer short curtains.


Do not obstruct the passage of light

To have more light at home, it is essential not have any kind of stumbling block that could obstruct the passage. For example, if you have a garden, it would be better do not plant trees along the path of balconies or windows.

Then, you must also pay close attention to the arrangement of the furniture in the house. Eg avoid placing gods tall furniture and bulky near light sources.

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Who has a two-story houseinstead, he must remember that in this case the light will come from above and it is important that you filter without finding any kind of hindrance.

For example, you have to pay attention to do not place objects in the stairwell that could cast shade, such as for example they could also be gods paintings.


Use light colors in the house

Some colors tend to reflect light more. This happens with all the light shades, such as white, cream, powder, but also yellow.

Not surprisingly, very often small rooms are painted with these shades, especially white, to create the optical illusion that the room is larger.

A trick to have more light in the house, therefore, is to paint the walls in light colors. If, however, you want something more special, even the glitter they are a good idea. In fact, they too I am able to capture well there light. Maybe you can opt for such a wall.

The light color trick also applies to decor. In addition, the total white is always very elegant and fashionable, so you will not go wrong opt for white furniture.


Place mirrors in strategic positions

The reflective surfaces par excellence are the mirrors. These, therefore, they are perfect also to reflect light coming from outside and having a brighter home. Furthermore, I’m also a great element of furniture.

We recommend that you put them in front of balconies and windows to ensure that they are hit by the sun’s rays and then spread them throughout the rest of the room. As an alternative you can put them also on an adjacent wall.

Tricks for more light at home

Choose some furniture or glass object

Alternatively, or even in addition to the mirrors, we also recommend some glass object to be placed for example on a coffee table or even on a shelf, so that it is hit by the sun’s rays. These too, in fact, they will help reflect light.

You can, even opt for a glass furniture, such as a nice table in the dining room. First it is very elegant, but then it’s perfect for making a room brighter.


Tricks to have more light at home: images and photos

In the following gallery we show you some simple but effective tricks to have more light in the house. Don’t hesitate to take a look!


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