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Organizing clothes without a wardrobe: 6 alternative solutions

Don’t have closet space and don’t know where to store your clothes? Here are 6 clever solutions to organize your clothes even in the absence of the wardrobe. In addition, advice on how to keep them in the best possible way and protect them from dust.

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Not everyone has the possibility of have a walk-in closet for storing clothes and shoes. But even, there are also those who do not want – or cannot – place a traditional closet in bedroom, because maybe it is too bulky. What to do in these cases? How to get organized with clothes when you are without a wardrobe?

When the wardrobe is not there, creativity comes to our rescue: living without wardrobe, indeed, is really possible. That’s enough only exploit ingenious ideas e clever solutions, which allow you to create alternative and efficient storage space.

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obviously the alternative will be to have an open wardrobe, which is currently confirmed to be one of the most loved projects by interior designers. Indeed, in addition to being highly customizable, with an open wardrobe you have the advantage of never losing anything and of immediately finding what you were looking for.

Combining modular solutions and space-saving with some original DIY idea, you will be able to create one storage space really single, which will not make you feel the lack of a traditional wardrobe in the slightest. Do you want to know how to do it? Here are 6 clever ways to organize and store clothes in the absence of the wardrobe.

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Store clothes without wardrobe

Before starting to list the alternative solutions for organizing clothes in the absence of the wardrobe, it is necessary to explain some essential points, to ensure that the clothes are always clean and protected from dust and humidity. Having an open wardrobe implies having:

  • a minimalist wardrobe, that is, reduced to the essential. Hang only what you will be wearing for sure and put aside the outfits you don’t need. In this way the clutter will be reduced to a minimum and you will avoid that the clothes are filled with dust;
  • use the boxes and vacuum bags for clothes more bulky: store the change of season neatly inside closed boxes, which you can place in the attic or under the bed;
  • buy fabric garment hangers for arrange long dresses and coats that you don’t wear frequently;
  • always keep clothes fresh: wash clothes often, even if you haven’t worn them yet;
  • place a shelf at ceiling height: if you don’t have enough space for off-season garments boxes, you can arrange them high without having important clutter around the room;
  • use baskets and other inexpensive filing systems for storage the clothes you use most often, such as the T-shirts and the yours linen intimate.

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1. Modular solutions

Modular solutions have the great advantage of adapting to any space and can be customized in any way, through the use of accessories useful for storing any type of garment.

If you decide to take advantage of the verticality of the wall you prefer suspension elements, such as metal shelving and stands, in combination with space-saving furniture that will help you to contain accessories and shoes without depriving you of precious centimeters.

Stands are certainly a valid alternative for long dresses, coats and jackets; but on the market you can also find more targeted solutions, with retractable elements ideals for hang up skirts and pants. Using the hanging sticks to be placed at different heights, you will be able to create a very neat storage space, similar to that of shop displays.

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2. Open wardrobe closed by a curtain

If the idea of ​​having an open wardrobe does not completely convince you, then close it with a curtain. In the proposed photo the wardrobe is there, but you can’t see it. In fact, a bespoke storage space has been carved out with shelves wooden, shelves and drawers, inserted in a niche of the wall.

However, instead of leaving the wardrobe exposed, he chose to close it with a curtain, which allows you to hide the contents of the wardrobe, while protecting clothes from dust.

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3. Chest of drawers, shelves and sticks

An economical and versatile solution, ideal for those who need to find ingenious methods to organize clothes, taking advantage of uneven spaces or located in different points of the room. A tall chest of drawers tidies linen and T-shirts, while the shelves They are indicated to exhibit accessories e shoes.

The sticksInstead, they can help you hang hangers intended for clothes, jackets and trousers. Furthermore, with of the appropriate hooks, they can transform also in comfortable exhibitors for hang up hats, scarves and bags: in this way you can always have everything at your fingertips, wherever you want to place them.

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4. Storage bed with drawers

The container bed with drawers side is a space-saving solution which becomes necessary when, in the absence of the wardrobe, you do not have the possibility to place even a chest of drawers.

The space between the mesh and the floor becomes a storage solution to contain all what turns out to be particularly bulky: using practices vacuum bags you can store coats, down jackets e the change of season, without worrying about dust.

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5. Clothes hanging from a branch

You would like it organize outfits last minute despite not having a wardrobe? Then you need an ad hoc hanger, which will help you select your clothes according to your needs of the moment.

We offer you aDIY idea very original and absolutely low cost: that’s enough hang a sturdy branch to hooks to the ceiling, to turn it into a decorative coat hanger very chic and of great aesthetic impact.

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6. Assembly with ladder

Still on the subject of do-it-yourself, we recommend an inexpensive and surprising idea to create an original alternative to the traditional wardrobe. You will need them a stick e of the wooden boards, to transform a old ladder rungs in a clothes stand personalized, where you can store clothes, jackets and even bags and shoes.

Instead, self in the bedroom you don’t have enough space to place a DIY stand, then fix the ladder to the wall like if it were a shelf: Use the pegs to hang clothes hangers and store the boxes with the change of seasons on top of the shelf.

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Organizing clothes without a wardrobe: pictures and photos

You can do without a wardrobe! Organize your clothes in an original and surprising way. Any more creative ideas? Browse the gallery images and copy the best ideas right away.


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