Entrance door blocked how to open

How to open the locked entrance door? Staying in or out of the home is a more common problem than you think. Here are the quick solutions to unlock the lock and a series of tips to perform proper maintenance, essential to prevent these unpleasant problems.


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Does the front door stop opening? Have you stayed away from home? Don’t panic, it can happen to anyone. Before requesting the intervention of a professional, however, it is possible to make a few attempts to try to solve the problem by yourself.

A nice headache that makes it necessary to put aside the frustration immediately and understand what the cause is malfunction.

In this article we discover the most common reasons and how to open the locked front door, plus a series of tips for proper maintenance, useful for preventing these unfortunate but frequent problems.

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Key armored door does not turn


The key does not turn? It is among the most common cases of front door locked. The reason for this problem can sometimes be trivial. Modern keys are in fact equipped with a series of holes and, without the necessary maintenance, dust and dirt accumulate inside over time, causing them to become clogged. A typical wake-up call is when already previously the key enters with difficulty. One solution is to put specific lubricant into the lock and clean your keys.

The hitch can also be caused by one displacement of the reed valve group. In this case an attempt can be made using the graphite powder, distributing it inside the locked lock and above the key. All that remains is to wait a few minutes and try to rotate it. Graphite powder is used by locksmiths to unlock lock mechanisms. On the market it is sold in packs equipped with a special spout, to distribute it evenly inside the closure.

The last test in case of a blocked lock is to resort to descaling spray. After distributing it inside, try inserting the key and turning it gently in both directions.

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Key stuck in the lock


There key broke or it is locked inside the lock? The only way you have to restore access to your home is to remove the jammed object. In this case, equip yourself with a crochet needle and try to remove the key, acting on the teeth to bring out the broken piece. Spraying with suitable lubricant in advance can facilitate the operation.

Be careful to find one small size of hook, at most 0.75 mm, in order to facilitate insertion into the lower part of the lock and towards the trapped key. The more experienced and already familiar with do-it-yourself work, can try to engrave the foil around the key and try to extract it with pliers.

Entrance door blocked cylinder not working


If it is the cylinder not working? It may have been damaged as a result of wear over time and therefore must be replaced. The causes also include excessive humidity capable of forming rust on the lock. Whatever the reason, the intervention of a professional is required, as it has the suitable tools to drill the cylinder, remove it and unlock the entrance door.

The locked cylinder it is certainly the worst situation, as the mechanics are no longer efficient: the only solution is to change it and buy a new one.

Key does not rotate locked entrance door


If you string the key in the lock e does not rotate properly, it is very likely that the front door needs to be adjusted. You should know that as the years go by, the door tends to drop a few millimeters: key and lock no longer “match” perfectly. All that remains is remove the panel and act on the hinges, with the aim of lifting it and restoring the right measures. In case of difficulty in the operation, the intervention of a specialized technician is recommended.

Useful tips


To avoid in the future that the problem of front door locked come back, here is a series of useful tips to observe:

  • Change the old lock of the front door with a new cylinder with knob: just turn it to close the door. From the outside it can still be opened with the knob in the “closed” position and never forget the key inside the lock inside.
  • Useful tools: to try to unlock the entrance door you will need to have a series of accessories at hand, including at least a descaling and lubricant spray, long and thin nose pliers, a hacksaw.
  • Avoid impulsive gestures: the fear of being stuck and inexperience could lead you to force more than you should, for example try to break through the door with your shoulders. Absolutely avoid all this, you run the risk of getting seriously hurt. Better to call an expert technician who will know what to do and will solve the problem for a small fee. The rule is don’t panic.
  • Excessive lubrication: as anticipated, lubricants are very useful but don’t overdo it with sprays. They could damage the lock and the door, as these are substances that can easily flow through different types of materials.

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Below is a complete image gallery that can give you some ideas in the unfortunate hypothesis you should find yourself in front of your locked entrance door.


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