10 ideas for furnishing in the style of the 80s: a burst of energy

If you want to give your interior a boost of energy and add a vintage touch to your home, what is needed is a blast from the past. 10 ideas for furnishing in the style of the 80s represent the right compromise. How about copying some of them?


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Today at Casa e Giardino we want you to take a trip back in time: brings watches to the legendary 80s between lightheartedness and innovation. This in the design sector translates into some radical and profound changes that are still very much appreciated forty years later.

The watchword is to dare, cause, review the design that until then had characterized the house with clean and elegant lines, discreet and never exaggerated to excess. The eighties, in fact, represent the opposite an exaggeration in colors and shapes, an exuberance that room after room redesigns the environments playing with a mix of materials that forcefully returns to the present day.

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And if we wanted to recreate that atmosphere, what shouldn’t be missing? Find out with ours 10 little ideas that will revolutionize your world.

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1. Color

Where to start if not the color? Color everywhere: from the walls to the furnishing elements, up to the accessories as long as they are colors gaudy, exaggerated with risky and never predictable combinations. W the color block that overwhelmingly returns to be part of our life.

Make room for primary colors: blues, purples, reds, fuchsia and yellows have fun mixing them together and convey a great desire for energy and vitality.


2. Geometries

Even the designs, consistent with the colors, reproduce the same energy in the interiors. The typical energy of Pop art, of the eccentric and exaggerated shapes to Salvator Dalì, which in terms of design means squares, rectangles and straight lines in the accessories, in the details that make the difference – from a painting on the wall, to a carpet up to a curtain – able to redesign the 80s environments with originality and audacity.

Designers dare, they experience, they break the mold and innovate always proposing new futuristic shapes, iconic space still today. Thus we find sofas, tables, mirrors and much more with sinuous and exasperated shapes, but always welcoming.

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3. Tiles in the bathroom

And the bathroom? It too reflects the mythical Eighties and so on wide square-shaped tiles, with well-defined lines with highlighted joints and geometries ready to furnish even the most intimate room in the house with bold colors.

Who would have thought it until the past decade, where elegance and discretion were also ideal in design. Let’s come to the next idea.


4. Vintage items

Taking a tour of the antiques markets, try to make sure as many vintage items as you can find to furnish your interiors with coherence and originality. Mirrors, coffee tables, various clocks and ornaments.


5. Wallpaper

If you want to give your interior a vintage touch, start with the walls where not only the right brushstrokes to give count but also the way to do it. How about a retro touch with wallpaper? It has furnished the rooms of the house for years and in recent years it has again emerged as a winning trend. Versatile, practical and economical.

Which is the ideal one? Bright colors, interesting contrasts and geometric designs but be careful not to overload the space. Our advice is to create an accent wall and structure your interior from there. Let’s move on to the floors.


6. Carpet

To give the right 80’s touch, choose the carpet: unforgettable films of those years that photograph elegant interiors and retro settings with the irreplaceable floor carpet.

You can really indulge yourself with her: geometric designs, lively, warm and welcoming nuances to give that extra touch you need.


7. Kitchen with peninsula

How to organize your kitchen inspired by those years? Clear! With a peninsula to fill your spaces: beautiful, practical and functional but above all trendy. Just add a few more details to relive the atmosphere of those years with the typical smells and flavors of your childhood.

Accompany them with the right seats: what better choice than a pair of stools ready to amaze you?


Welcome 8o years also in the bedroom where the the absolute and undisputed protagonist remains the bed as long as it is extra-large. Better if with a rounded shape typical of the American films that characterized those years.

Few other furnishings but above all contrasting metallic details define the most relaxing environment in the house. Let’s move to the living room.


9. Leather sofa in the living room

Just as in the bedroom the bed is the absolute protagonist, here in the living room the sofa is the master. Strictly great, always in dark leather (from brown to black), with a rounded and enveloping design always accompanied by a pair of armchairs of the same style or with a more daring design.

And how important is lighting? Let’s find out together in the next paragraph.


10. Lighting

To furnish the interiors following the style of the legendary Eighties choose designer lamps or chandeliers that stand out in the center of the room with glass inserts, for an elegant or colorful and at the same time more jaunty touch.

The neonsfinally are all you need to recreate the lightheartedness of those years with personalized writings, numbers or names in different colors and sizes that still today conquer a large slice of the public that has a great desire to amaze and be amazed.


10 ideas for furnishing in the style of the 80s: photos and images

These that we have proposed to you are just 10 of the ideas that you can apply at home to re-propose the 80’s styles in an original key. They probably accompanied you during your childhood and who does not remember the afternoons spent playing video games? A real gem is to find someone and insert it among the furnishings of the living room.

Find some other interesting ideas by taking a look at the images in the gallery: let yourself be inspired.


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