Furnishing your home in an eclectic style: tips, ideas, inspirations, photos

How to furnish your home in an eclectic style? If you love colors, particular decorations, the mix of different styles fused in a perfect balance, today we offer you interesting tips and ideas for furnishing and beautifying your home, following the dictates of one of the hottest trends of recent times.


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You are in the process of furnishing home but you do not find exactly the suitable style that reflects the your being? Most likely Why you do not know or you haven’t thought about the eclectic style, one trend back in vogue in recent years but born in the 19th century in Europe characterized from bright colors, special decorations, juxtaposition experiments and especially mix of different styles.

Of course, said like this it might seem like a jumble of stuff put together without any logical sense and this is where the donkey falls: eclectic style yes, it foresees the heterogeneous combination of shapes, colors and furnishing elements belonging to different eras, but it does based on a furnishing concept accurate following creativity e good taste.

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Contemporary and vintage objects, hue different, freedom of furniture and fantasy to get one very personal style and original giving the house not a chaotic but pleasant effect.

Furnish without exaggerating, to give character to the environments harmoniously combining elements also a lot different to create a special atmosphere: the important thing is maintain some consistency. If you strongly reflect yourself in this style, because you are convinced that your home can get an original personality by representing your soul, then these tips furniture in an eclectic style are for you.

Find out how to furnish and embellish your home in eclectic style.


Contrasts in balance

As mentioned, freedom to mix shapes and colors at will but it is necessary anyhow find a meeting point and coherence between the shapes. So, if you want to try your hand at furnishing your home in this style identify some elements such as a table and add complements that they can respect there itself line of sight. What do you mean?

If you are dealing with a square table or rectangular in an open-plan dining-living room you will be able to match pillows, a carpet and a mirror of the same shape, the that it will give the room a sense of order so the eye will not be struck by a chaotic environment but will read a precise coherence. At this point you can insert other elements, even different in shapes and colors.

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decorating-home-style-eclectic-living room

Floors and walls

Also of great importance i floors is the coatings so we advise you to choose light or neutral colors so you can focus on furniture and accessories instead. This will allow you to have the possibility to change at will each element – furnishings, surfaces, paintings etc – is you will not have to repaint the walls if you want something new.


The windows and fixtures

No precise rules regarding windows and fixtures: you prefer one minimal style if you want favor natural light. You will be able to choose elegant models, essential is clean maybe playing with the shape of the handles (there are so many on the market that can give a futuristic mood to the house).


The colors of the eclectic style

As for the colors instead of the rest of the furniture, don’t be afraid to dare, choose strong, contrasting colors, decided by use However sparingly! We don’t want to get an unpleasant effect: to remedy this we recommend that you choose the hue is try them with small objects so as to understand if the combination convinces you really!

Eclectic style living room

Eclectic style: using plants

The eclectic style also winks at plants. Try using typical houseplants for furnish some corners of the house, these will help make the room cheerful is dynamic.


Eclectic style: furnishing accessories

Really no limits to creativity: use vintage style furnishings, like record player, old radios to decorate the house. Or, if you love ethnic objects combine them with ceramiche ed modern elements.

The paintings of different sizes, colorful frames, different styles to furnish the living area. Our advice is to combine them and alternate them with wall mirrors especially if the room is small: in this way you can widen the field of vision.


Furnishing your home in an eclectic style: conclusions

Therefore, if you are going to furnish your home in eclectic style reminds of:

  • to merge harmonically styles different
  • use soft colors for walls
  • to test before pulling over colors different
  • create a pleasant effect and not chaotic
  • pull over retro accessories to elements modern

Finally, some final advice if you live in a house out of town or in a house of big dimensions within the city, if you are a creative, you love colors and you are an eclectic this is the style that suits you. If instead alive in a small apartment, love the details, essentiality and you love being in control of everything, the eclectic style is not for you.


Furnishing your home in an eclectic style: images

To review the images included in the article and get inspiration to furnish your home in an eclectic style, browse the following gallery where you will also find other ideas to copy!


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