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10 original ideas for arranging cups in the kitchen

Are you looking for original ideas for arranging or hanging cups in the kitchen? Here we suggest 10! Make room for your collection of mugs or coffee cups: with these solutions you can finally exhibit them all, and have much more space to buy more.

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There are those who love to collect them, and those who always have one in reserve for guests. How can you resist the cups? but yet, to find their An accommodation suitable it’s always complicated: in the kitchen, space on the shelves it never seems to be enough. So, curious and unusual ideas for arranging or hanging them are welcome, because cups are an indispensable accessory that no one could ever give up!

If you are looking for original solutions to display your collection of mugs and coffee cups, you are in the right place: here are 10 curious and fun ideas for organizing cups in the kitchen. Make room for creativity!

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1. Adhesive hooks under the wall units

If you don’t have space enough for storage your collection of cups on the shelves, then place them under the wall units: in this way you can always have them at hand, making useful use of a space that would remain unused anyway.

That’s enough paste under the shelf of the municipalities hangers with L’sticker on the back and hang the cups by the handle. For an effective arrangement, arrange them by color: your kitchen will immediately acquire more vitality.

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2. Cup holder under the shelf

Doesn’t the idea of ​​exhibiting them completely convince you? Well then this idea will definitely do it for you. We suggest you among the best space-saving solutions the cup holder under the shelf. It is an essential accessory for the home, to be hooked to the shelves of the wall units of the kitchen: not only will you have all the cups in order, but you can take advantage also much more space to organize the interior shelves as you like.

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3. Organizer for the pantry

We remain in the closed of the pantry with another one space saving idea, valid for bulky cups and bowls breakfast without handle. What to do in these cases? You can’t hang them, though you can fix them on special metal shelves, which subdivide the inside of the shelves in a clever way, making you earn precious centimeters to use to arrange all the cups you want.

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4. Cup stand

Organize the cups like in the bar, dividing them by type or, if you prefer, by color and size. Are you wondering how to do it? The backsplashes with cup hooks they help you tidy up, and to display the mugs or cups directly on the kitchen counter, maybe right next to the coffee machine. In this way you will be able to boast of having a super efficient bar corner, with cups and everything you need ready for your coffee break.

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5. Cups lined up on the shelves

Friends and family know your soft spot for collectible mugs, and every year they never miss an opportunity to give them to you. Cups, which, however, they accumulate over time, because you just can’t resist the temptation to buy them on the go and take them with you wherever you go.

The collectible mugs they cannot remain closed in the shelves of the kitchen, why they deserve to be exhibited and admired by anyone. So, how about we fix them to the wall? Create a single storage space and arrange them all in a row on various shelves: you will see that your kitchen will immediately acquire a pinch of color and imagination.

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6. Niche in the wall

If the space of the wall units is completely occupied by crockery and the worktop does not give you the opportunity to display your cups, then you just have to use the wall in an alternative way: one small niche that’s all you need to hang them on hooks or to arrange them on a shelf.

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7. Tool holder rods

When the wall structure does not allow you to use nails and hammer, you can use adhesive tool rods. Arrange them on top of each other at a suitable distance, and hang the handle of each cup on practical S-hooks. an impressive accommodation, without resorting to building works. The idea, in fact, is perfect for tiled or plasterboard walls.

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8. Perforated tool holder panel

For fix them all the your cups, it will be of great help to you an accessory that comes from the garage. This is the perforated tool holder panel, a great ally for craft and do-it-yourself projects. But its versatility also fully responds to the needs of the kitchen: create a personalized whiteboard by hanging all your hooks cups, the recipe notes last minute and i ladles that you use most frequently.

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9. DIY shelves

Test your manual dexterity with a diy project truly original: here’s one fake staircase with shelves of various sizes, to accommodate cups and mugs for all occasions. Based on your habits and the presence or absence of children and animals in the house, you will be able choose to hang it on the wall, or of lay it on a shelf.

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10. Coat hanger

To conclude, here’s a really cool creative recycling idea that’s absolutely worth copying. A old wall hanger has been glued to various wooden planks recovery. A durable rope on the back, a written evocative on the front and your kitchen cup holder is served.

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Ideas for arranging cups in the kitchen: pictures and photos

Arranging the cups has never been so much fun! Have you found the right idea for you? If not, we have many others to suggest: you can find them in this gallery of images. Browse them all!


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